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APRIL 2018
BOOKSTAGRAM BOOST is a monthly meme hosted by Aimee from AIMEE ALWAYS for featuring Bookstagrammers you love who have under 1K followers. I will be featuring 2-4 Instagram accounts the second Saturday of each month. I also follow some great artists and photographers, so I will randomly be adding them here and there, too!

Danielle has 649 followers on IG @books_vertigo_and_tea. She is one half of the "Trouble Twins" as I fondly call her and Liis from Cover to Cover, whom you will see below in the next section. They were the Trouble Trio, but Anne from INKED BROWNIES is taking a motherhood hiatus. Heaven help me when she gets back. Ha ha.

Danielle has been doing stunning black and white photos to compensate for the overcast days Portland is known for. Besides her book photos we sometimes get a peek at some Portland activities.

You can also find her hanging out on her blog BOOKS, VERTIGO AND TEA.


Liis (Liz) has 79 followers on Instagram @pallasliis. I love her IG because she mixes in her Estonian living in Ireland photos with her books. I like seeing posts like the Gunpowder Irish Gin chocolate she was eating one day, and her purple stress ball in action. Ha ha.

And yes, she's a metalhead just like me. \m/

You can find Liis conversing about books on her blog, COVER TO COVER.
Tell me who some of your favorite Bookstagrammers are.
You can find me here @LaLaCanifshewants2

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