Thursday, July 31, 2014

THE BODY ELECTRIC: New novel by Beth Revis, SYMBOLISM...

BETH REVIS, author of the ACROSS THE UNIVERSE TRILOGY, has an exciting new story for us!! THE BODY ELECTRIC.

There was a contest and Beth asked us to look at these beautiful art cards by CHRISTINE TYLER, and tell what we think the symbolism is in each portrait.

I think the fireflies on Ella's art card symbolize inner beauty shining from within because a firefly is plain on the outside...

but beautiful when illuminated from within.

And then there is Jack's portraiture...

I think the bees on his art card suggest he is a transporter or messenger of some kind because bees transport pollen...

and do the waggle dance to send a message as to where a food source is located. 

There are other symbols and items in the artwork, some of the other ideas I had were that Ella is some kind of beacon because fireflies use their lights to attract other fireflies. There are circuits in the background and I suspect Ella is either bionic, or a robot.

Jack's picture has moon phases surrounding him and water in the background, so I am wondering if tides have something to do with the story. I also think he may be a revolutionary because of the flag and the knife in his boot. Or maybe a privateer, or a pirate!!

Beth will be posting the real meanings to the symbols on Tumblr.  I will bring the link so we can all see how wrong I was with all of these guesses!

(so you can see how far off I was about every guess, but one)

SO FUNNY, but kind of true...

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Well, Blogger has been a delight from hell to use today, so this feature is getting posted rather late.

Oh! Pardon my French, but I feel much better now, thank-you.

Welcome to TELL ME TuEsDaY a feature squeezed from the grey matter of my BBBB (Best Blogging Buddy, Brittersweet), and brought to you by the both of us every week, here and on PLEASE FEED the BOOKWORM.

We want you to TELL US what you are reading now, and why, and what you are thinking about reading from your TBR pile next, and why. We are always CuRiOus why readers read what they read.


Okay, so right now I am reading ...


That's right... nothing.

I finished my last book on Sunday and I didn't want to start another ARC because I am saving them for Read. Sleep. Repeat's ARC August Challenge.

Not having an ARC to motivate me left me confused.

I thought I would go back to reading The Goldfinch and then I saw The Rosie Project on my Kindle carousel and changed my mind. I ended up not reading either. Yesterday I looked through a pile of books I have gotten from giveaways that were not ARCs and I pulled out The Price of Creation by Lance Conrad because it is thin and I figured I could read all of it before Thursday, but it is still sitting on the coffee table. I was also thinking about re-reading the first Mara Dyer book.

Oh well...


I am happy to be participating in ARC AUGUST.

If you would like to join the challenge look HERE.

There will be TWO giveaways!!

These are the ARCs I am definitely reading for ARC August because they are already loaded to my Kindle from Netgalley.

These are the two eARCs I am still waiting for approval on and may or may not read.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I am feeling wickedly weird this TuEsDaY for some reason.

Welcome to the EIGHTH installment of TELL ME TuEsDaY!! Hosted by the ever clever Brittersweet at PLEASE FEED the BOOKWORM and ME, La La. This is a weekly, or bi-weekly, feature (depending on how much you read) where you TELL US what you are ReAdiNg now, and why, and what you will be choosing next from your TBRs, and why.

We are  always CuRiOuS why people read what they read.

Wait for it...


I have been reading Tabula Rasa.

I don't know quite how to explain this book. It isn't Dystopian. I get the feeling it is set in current times, and there have been no apocalyptic events in the past, as far as I know, from what I have already read. There might be a slight chance it will emerge as a paranormal, but I can't be sure of that at this point, either (and I am about 70% in). What I do know is it is action packed, and full of intrigue, and I am thoroughly enjoying reading it. 

It is a "read now" on Netgalley. I know quite a few blogger/reviewers look away from "read nows" and "download nows" on Netgalley and Edelweiss, but I have found that most of my "approved for all" reads have been at least a respectable three stars, and many have been solid fours. A couple were even five star ratings for me.

 In fact these are the type of authors who definitely need our time and attention; the uber best-selling authors not so much (if at all). So, I am glad I needed to pump up my stats because the naysayers were wrong.

Yes, another Netgalley "approved for all."

I am tantilized about this book because of a bad review I read on Goodreads. This is a Horror genre book, mind you, and someone rated it two stars because although it was "well written" it was "too scary." WITAFIT????

Run home for your torches, I declare SHENANIGANS!!!!

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Monday, July 21, 2014

ARC AUGUST with Read * Sleep * Repeat...

Too bad there wasn't an ARC July because this month has been mostly about getting my Netgalley and Edelweiss stats up, but as we all know all it takes is adding a few of our most anticipated titles to our shelves, and BOOM, we are right back in the trenches again. I also have a couple of ARCs from First Reads coming, so yeah... I really need this challenge.

Oh... and there are TWO prize packages up for grabs...

one from Octavia and one from Shelly!!!!

So click the ARC AUGUST button on my sidebar and get registered.

Octavia says we have to tell her how many ARCs we plan to read. I want to say SIX... but I am going to say...

One a week. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I have been sick this week (hence the green meme), so this post will be short and sweet.

Hello again!! Thank-you for joining us for another TELL ME TuEsDaY with Brittersweet from PLEASE FEED the BOOKWORM, and me, La La as your lovely co-hosts. 

We want you to tell us what you are reading now, and why, and what you are eyeing in your TBR pile, and why. We are always curious why people are reading what they read. 


I am reading Frozen the first book in the Heart of Dread series. It is highly cliche and I think it will probably be a DNF. This whole thing is confusing because there is already a second HoD book, the title escapes me just now... but Netgalley says this is a fall 2014 release. When I feel better I will look up all of information.

I am on the second chapter, but I have a three chapters before DNFing rule, so who  knows, it might turn itself around, it has happened before.

*UPDATE: This author writes 10 different series????? And yes, it was a DNF. I was so disconnected with this story that I didn't skip to the end of the book to see what happened because I didn't care.



*UPDATE: I am going to be reading this Middle Grade eNovella...

I hope it is good because it's  a series; only 33 pages, but it is only 99¢ on Amazon.

*UPDATE: This novella was delish!! I rated it FIVE STARS!!

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