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THE SNIDGET is a periodical bulletin from the magical world.
There will be plenty of news about Hogwarts and the wizarding world, and other fantastical places. It will be dropped off in the library by Owl Post every second Saturday of the month.

I can hardly believe it's been a year since my first The Snidget blog post on Back to Hogwarts Day last year. The popularity of that post (1,219 views in the first week) set me on a bit of a new course with my blog. In addition to the monthly Snidget news bulletin, there is now a monthly magical lifestyle post you may have seen, Bumbershoot's Witchery Cookery & Magical Homes and Gardens, and a Harry Potter chat called Enormous Purple Megaphone. The popularity of these Harry Potterish features has made it possible for me to keep my blog stats up while only posting two or three times a week, which has given me more time to read and play guitar. I want to thank everyone for stopping by and interacting on these magical posts.

Again, I am going to start listening to my audiobook of Sorcerer's Stone, while following along in my illustrated edition, just as I did last year. However, this year I am participating in a re-read-along in the Harry, a History group on Facebook, so unlike last year hopefully I will get the entire series re-read! We are planning on reading one book a month.

My son's set of first editions.
I gave him Sorcerer's Stone on Christmas Eve in 1999 when he was seven years old. The first three books were out then, but after that we had to wait for each following book to be published.

I usually make a start of term type feast meal, but this year my son has to work during dinnertime, so I am only making butterbeer pudding. I will be featuring the recipe in this month's Bumbershoot's magical lifestyles post on the third Saturday of the month. I will also be telling you how my version of the Wizarding World park's frothy Butterbeer topping is coming along.

The hot Harry Potter hashtag on Instagram this week was #BackToHogwartsBag. If you want to know what these magical items are, and find out about the hidden contents, apparate over to my new Harry Potterish IG account!

Seeing this was my second year of publishing a Back to Hogwarts Edition, and Ron broke his wand on his trip back to Hogwarts for his second year of school, I had wanted to do a wand giveaway (remember those wands I showed you in The Snidget wand post a few months ago), but the Etsy shop owner was having a hard time with the concept of a giveaway, so instead I am giving away two sets of Harry Potter pocket notebooks: one set to two winners. If Book Depository delivers to your location the contest is international! I will pick two winners and the winners will be able to choose which one of the two sets of three mini notebooks they desire. I still haven't given up on the wand shop, though. I am hoping we can come to an understanding by the time I do my big wandlore post, and I can giveaway a wand then!

Must be 18 or have parental permission.
No P.O. boxes.
All social media shares must be to public accounts.
No giveaway only accounts.
The notebooks will be shipped directly from Book Depository, so they will receive your mailing address.
Please don't follow and unfollow because I wait a while to pick giveaway winners.

*The first IG follow should be @lalacanifshewants2
*The second one is @lalatoadstone

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Stay magical, my friends!

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