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This is a monthly sister blog feature for my popular Facebook page BUMBERSHOOT'S WITCHERY COOKERY & MAGICAL LIFESTYLES. My followers asked for it, and so it was granted! Jump on your broomstick and fly on over to Facebook and join in on all the fun we have; especially during the fall and winter holidays!

I know I usually start off my Bumbershoot posts with a magical place from my local area, but I thought I'd shake things up a little with a place I want to visit next year that is a short New York State Apparating Pathway journey away, or about three hours if you go by mundane (muggle) transportation.

I think there are currently pop-up pubs in London, Dublin, and Edinburgh.


I also just realized they have the same radio I bought for my wizarding world authentic immersion bedroom, ha ha!

Have you ever seen fruit more witchy looking? This is coming soon to Trader Joes in the US, and my local grocery store, Wegmans, usually gets the same items in shortly thereafter. If you have had this magical looking food let me know in the comments. It looks like a fantastic addition to any wizarding lifestyle, or fantasy dinner party!

Now that my local grocery store carries a butterscotch beer that is said to come pretty darn close the the Wizarding World beverage, and my new combo recipe you will be getting next month comes close to Flying Cauldron, it's time to try and figure out the most difficult part of this magical drink... the frothy topping. Bloggers MICHELLE and JOLENE have described it as having a marshmallow taste, so my first experiments will be with marshmallow fluff. I hope to manage making something similar by Back to Hogwarts Day on September 1st. I have also seen the topper described as tasting like shortbread cookies (biscuits), or Werther's caramel candy. Have you had Butterbeer at the Wizarding World park? What did the topping taste like to you?

July 31st was Harry Potter's birthday. He was 39 years old.
It was also JKR's birthday. Did you make a cake for Harry?

The new virtual marathon, medal, and charity was announced! You have until midnight on September 22nd to register. Remember... because this is virtual you can finish your kilometers in any way you want: run, jog, skip, hop, or walk; and in segments if you have to. There is also no time limit! The object is to get people moving and give charities help.

Let's make some Hogwarts house quills and mail them to our witchy and wizardy friends! You can also find more of Rodney's magical content on his webpage and his most excellent Instagram account.

Make a Weasley sweater, no knitting or crocheting skills needed! I thought I'd post this now just in case anyone wants to make a few of these as Christmas gifts. You can also find Mr. Malkins on his webpage and his stellar Instagram account.

Next month be looking for that new hybrid butterbeer recipe I've been working on, new arrivals for the authentic immersion wizarding world bedroom redecorating I've been doing. There will be a Knight Bus bath bomb instructional, and some Halloween celebration ideas. Hopefully I will have some new Harry Potter books in my collection to show you, too!

Stay magical, my friends!

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