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I am one square away from a Bookish Bingo, but do I read that genre?

Creatures Of the Night

Literary Pet Names

Will someone please tell me what this is?!
How many of you see this horrific view when you visit my blog? Is this the mobile version? If it is it looks nothing like what Blogger shows me the mobile view is like. I am mortified!

Did you feel the backlash from the large server hack on Friday?
I was without Twitter most of the day and my Disqus comment section was not loading for me. 

I thought the anxiety invoking personal space invasion by the landlord was over, but he "forgot" he wanted to shut the windows in the attic. The windows aren't open in the attic. You can tell from outside. However, I am not going to say anything because he gets agressive if a woman corrects him, so now, because he won't allow us to put anything in the attic, I have to haul all the holiday decorations and heavy boxes of good china off the stairs so he can go up there. For nothing. And then put it all back. His attention had been on the Beverly Hillbilly neighbors, who moved in nextdoor a year and a half ago, so he had been leaving us alone. He forgot his little spring ritual of going into the attic to open the windows because of this. Now that they have moved away he has to creep on us again.
This was taken just outside my Upstate NY city last week. It was warm here, but took a big dip two days ago. I finally had to turn the heat on last night.

I was all excited when I saw this for $1.99 thinking it was the fifth book in THE VAMPIRE CHRONICALS. NOT! Ha ha. It is number ELEVEN! Where have I been? One reviewer said you should read at least the first five before reading this one, but I am going to chance it and read it after only reading the original three. It has gotten a lot of one star ratings from fans, so maybe I won't even finish it. Has anyone else read it? It was still $1.99 the last time I looked.

One of my favorite authors gave this title a big thumbs up and it was free! I think it is Middle Grade. It is also free today.

This makes seven Hoffman ebooks I have. I have only read her Middle Grade NIGHTBIRD, which I loved. I might have a binge read month next year like I am going to do with Vonnegut. It was $1.99, but it is back to regular price now.

I have wanted to read this and was happy to find it for $1.99. It is still on sale at the time of this posting.

It is from the author of MORE HAPPY THAN NOT and it publishes January 17, 2017.

There has been a lot of buzz about this book and I am thrilled to have it. It publishes February 28, 2017.

This is the sequel to THE GIRL FROM EVERYWHERE which I had a few problems with, but seeing it was from a debut author I decided to give her writing another chance. It publishes March 28, 2017. 

This is from the author of SIMON VS. THE HOMO SAPIENS AGENDA. It publishes April 11, 2017

Next week after the landlord is done with his shenanigans (hopefully) maybe I can make a mess taking some book photos and posting them!

Anne from INKED BROWNIES did a post about Dutch Food. Mmm... HERE.

Talitha Nelle's Mini Macabre Review last week was for a story where someone thinks an author is out to get them. Heh heh. She includes the link to a public domain copy for your reading pleasure: HERE.

This is a stellar video about translating the HP books.

The Tin Star Duology
Anne from INKED BROWNIES guilted me into writing this review. Ha ha.


Creatures Of The Night
I did the book version last week, so this week I am doing a movie version.

Halloween Freebie
I am going to try and find five of The Manchild's Harvest Of Good Books elementary school (Halloween) parade costume photos.

Ghost Stories
*I still need shortish personal ghost stories, or even just scary stories (like you thought you saw a bigfoot or an alien). Besides my own, only one other blogger has given me one. I will even post it as anonymous if you want me to. Either DM me on Twitter, or email me: lalainthelibrary(at)gmail(dot)com. Thank you!

Have a magical week!

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