Thursday, October 20, 2016

A THURSDAY TAG - Creatures Of the Night

I saw this tag on Annemieke's blog A DANCE WITH BOOKS. I thought it was the perfect post for Halloween season. You can see her answers: HERE. You have to list your favorite book for each creature of the night. Bwhahahahaha!

Hands down my favorite vampire book is THE MEDIUM by M.R. Graham. I love my stuttering, electric blanket loving, Physics teacher vampire, Lenny. This is not YA and there is a lot of psychological content, so if you don't want the brain stimulation or challenge, please don't read it. I recommended it to someone who said they wanted a paranormal book with off-beat characters, and then they rated it badly because it wasn't a YAish story. I felt horrible because this is an indie author and the book dIdn't have that many ratings. Anyway, the book is only 99 cents right now because of the upcoming third book in the series.

This one was difficult for me because I challenged myself to not use any Harry Potter books. Because of the fact I don't play well with werewolves, or were-anything for that matter, it took some thought, but seeing the tag didn't say the characters had to be MCs I chose PARANORMALCY. The main character, Evie, works for the International Paranormal Containment Agency, and you guessed it, werewolves are part of her jurisdiction. This trilogy is a tick above your usual YA Paranormal Romance fare, so I recommend them for readers who like that subgenre.

Again, a book you shouldn't take my recommendation for if you don't like psycological content and trippiness! THE GLITTERING WORLD is another Adult Lit story. The faeries in this book are what you get when their glamours are down. These are raw earth power fae. They are not YA Fae!

I have not read a book with zombies in it. I have wanted to, and Elizabeth from SO LONG... & THANKS FOR ALL THE FISH even sent me a signed paperback of FEED, so I must fix this hole in my paramormal reading.

OF BREAKABLE THINGS is my favorite ghost book. In this story they prefer to be called spirits. Think Hogwarts for ghosts. Someone has to teach them how to change their spectral clothes, right?

A HAT FULL OF SKY, of course! I love the Tiffany Aching Discworld books.

I do not like stories about Gods and Goddesses, but author Lori M. Lee tricked me into loving them in GATES OF THREAD AND STONE. She's a sneaky one, she is. Heh heh

Oh yeah, THE EXORCIST!  One of my best friends read this and everytime her baby made a weird noise she thought she was possessed. Ha! I borrowed her paperback to read and she didn't want it back. She did not want the book in her house.

I read DANTE'S INFERNO many, many, many years ago. I don't remember much about the story, so I guess it is time for a re-read. I have the free Kindle Classics ebook of the entire Divine Comedy so I have no excuse. 

TIN STAR! TIN STAR! TIN STAR! I highly recommend this YA SciFi duology. 

I have read three books with characters who have had superpowers this year, and I have not liked any of them. The biggest problem being they were rife with big coincidences to move the storyline along, which is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. I did ask a couple of bloggers who read superhero type books regularly if this was a thing with this genre, and they said no. So I guess they were just badly written, although you wouldn't know it by their Goodreads ratings. I kept scratching my head and wondering if these people read the same book I did. I guess if this is to be a book I would recommend I have to go all the way back to my childhood and Superman comics. Ha ha.
As always, I tag you!
What is your favorite creature of the night?

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