Saturday, October 1, 2016


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This idea all started when a couple of bloggers and my sister suggested I try reading a Cozy Mystery after I questioned them about what specifically made a book a cozy. Someone pointed out there were a couple of free witch themed cozies because they know I like witches, and my sister pointed me in the direction of a $1.00 bundle of ghost cozies. I decided I would turn this into an October Halloween themed experiment. Shortly thereafter I snapped up a few spooky YA ebooks on special, got one from Netgalley, and won a couple, so I decided to make October an all around, all inclusuve, FRIGHTFEST! I am also going to be linking up with a Halloween read-a-thon (see details at the end). Bwahahahahaha...

I am happy I picked this bundle up for free because it is $9.99 now. Yikes!

This was $1.00 it is now $3.99.

This one is only 77 pages and it is free.
Seeing that the Ghosts and Coffee bundle is a collection of rather short stories these total up to about eight normal length books, so two a week is my goal.

I have all three of these Paranormal Thrillers and I am hoping to finish the entire trio during my fest.

Two anthologies, see links below.

A short story by my favorite vampire book author. 

I won this from Kimba at the CAFFEINATED BOOK REVIEWER.

I have been meaning to re-read this and All Hallows Eve seems the perfect time for a listen!

Last year I read Dracula as a free Kindle Classic. This edition is also a free Kindle Classic.

Want to join in?
Here are my choices for the challenges...

I need help with this challenge...
A book where real people are causing all tne scariness. Do you have any suggestions for me?
Are you doing any Halloween themed reading?

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