Sunday, October 16, 2016


THE SUNDAY POST is a weekly wrap-up feature hosted by Kimba at the CAFFEINATED BOOK REVIEWER.

What I read last. What I am reading now. What I plan to read next. I also tell you all about playing FALL BOOKISH BINGO.

Two of our The Sunday Post pals, Greg and Heather, joined me for a triple threat review. We had a fab time putting it together.

I was Stacee's Friday Favorites guest blogger on ADVENTURES OF A BOOK JUNKIE this week. Please go have a peek and leave a comment so she doesn't think I am a dud. Ha ha!

Annemieke from A Dance With Books was my guest. She's a fellow Sunday Poster, so go and show her some love.


And don't forget my $25.00 gift card GIVEAWAY International is still going on: HERE.

My cousin Aphid (nickname, he calls me Nerda Irk) always super spoils me for my birthday...
He sent me the Ganache Collection from MarieBelle chocolatiers in NYC. It arrived on the last day of my creepy landlord encroachment, so it was perfect timing for a chocolate hug. The "cake", which is more like fudge meets chocolate bar, came in a book shaped box!
I scurried to set the items up for a quick photo, so I could eat some of the chocolate candies, only to see they had pretty artwork on them, ha ha. I still ate some and shared a few with my sister, but left the nicest ones for a picture.
I didn't see there was a booklet describing each flavor combination by decoration and accidentally ate a cilantro *gags* flavored piece.
I cannot wait until it is cold enough weather for drinking the hot chocolate!
He says I still have something arriving from Europe. David is thirteen years younger than I am, and I think he is trying to make it up to me for being such a horror when I babysat him.

Sorry this photo is so blah, but I took it at the last minute in really bad lightning. I was all excited to have a new camera, but finding the time to set up a shoot in good light is nearly impossible. I will get better pictures and views for next week. This is the A Wrinkle In Time box set that The Manchild ordered for my birthday. It is beautiful and the silver designs and font are very shiny. I was disappointed though because Book Outlet called it a boxed "set" of the quintet, but in actuality it is a bind-up of the books into one volume in a slipcase. It is extremely heavy.


This is Narrative Nonfiction about the making of a violin from start to finish. It was still 99 cents at the time of this post.

It is still $2.00 today.

This is by the author of The Girl With All the Gifts. It was a $1.99 yesterday, and I posted it on Twitter and my FB blog page. I hope some of you saw it and were able to get in on the deal because it is back up to $13.99. It is a fairly new book published in April of this year.

Mike Grosso, the author of the Middle Grade, I Am Drums, is continuing his 30 Days Of Weird Instruments. This one is both colossal and hauntingly beautiful. You can listen to THE SINGING RINGING TREE: HERE.

If you have wanted to do some eerie spooky atmosphere reading for the Halloween season, but don't have the time for full length books, Talitha Nelle from VICTORIAN SOUL CRITIQUES has been reviewing creepy short stories each week. I think all of them have been linked to free Public Domain editions. HERE is the link to her latest post.

Once again Cait from PAPER FURY tickles our funny bones: HERE.

Fall Bookish Bingo Update

Creatures Of the Night

Character Names


I am still looking for short personal experience ghost stories for my October 29th SATURDAY EVENING CONVERSATIONS Halloween post. You can DM me on Twitter, or send me an email at lalainthelibrary(at)gmail(dot)com.

Have a stellar week!

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