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SATURDAY EVENING CONVERSATIONS is a Q&A feature. Sometimes it will be blogger interviews and sometimes authors. Other times it might be me asking my sister what she thought about a book series, or a chat with another blogger, or two about something bookly!
I have a relatively new blogging buddy with me tonight in the library. Annemieke from A DANCE WITH BOOKS is a blogger from The Netherlands, who blogs in English (thank goodness for us). I became aware of Annemieke when she started linking up with THE SUNDAY POST again. I am so happy I met her because not only does our taste in books run a similar path, our dislikes like to run together, too! Ha ha. We are pretty much review twins and that is great because you know how much I hate black-sheeping by myself. Plus, she just had a sweet baby boy, Merijn, and I love seeing his cute pictures on Twitter and Facebook. I love babies a bit more than I love books! So lets get to know Annemieke better. Here we go...

1. When did you first become aware there were blogs and what type of blogs were they?
I think I was still a teenager in high school (I’m turning 29 in October) when I came across fandom blogs. I was very much so into various fandoms at the time. But I never did read a lot of blogs back then.

  2. How did you discover there were book specific blogs?
Oh I don’t think I knew that until a few years ago when I came across the book Tumblrs. They showed me how there was such a focus on books like that and sucked me in. And they had blogs.

3.What made you decide to start blogging?
Blogging always interested me but  I never really put a lot of thought into starting one. What would I even write about? I lost interest in things like that rather fast. But after finding the bookish side of Tumblr I realized that I’d have plenty to write and say about books. The options are endless, right? And I couldn’t really say or do things the way I wanted to on Tumblr so I ended up making a blog on wordpress after going back and forth about it in my head for a month or so. I figured it was now or never.

4. Have you ever thought about vlogging?
Haha, yes I have but I would suck at that.
L.L. You should try it once. Maybe you would like it!

5. What is your favorite genre?  Fantasy, hands down!

6. If you were going to write a book what would it be about?
Well it would certainly be a fantasy. Probably have dragons. Every book needs dragons really. Close friendships. Magic. Got to have lots of magic. Sarcastic characters. Demons somewhere along the way. Something like that. To be honest, I have too many ideas swirling around in my head that I would like to write some day. But I never get around to it.

7. What is your favorite book of all time?
Aaah. But I’ll answer The Golem’s Eye by Jonathan Stroud. Because Bartimaeus is my big love in life.
L.L. You know how I said you have convinced me to read some Stroud? When I was putting my Kindle books into collections, I realized I have a short story: The Dagger In the Desk! It also has a ghost guide and a preview of Hollow Boy.

   8. What is the first book you remember reading all by yourself?
The Suitcase Kid by Jacquiline Wilson. But my mom has said the first book I actually read by myself was The BFG by Roald Dahl.

9. Music or no music when reading?
It depends on my mood to be honest. But most of the time I do have the radio on while reading. I like some background noise.

10. Coffee or tea?
Tea. I don’t drink coffee. I don’t like the taste.

11. If you could have the complete works of one author, for free, whom would you pick?
Terry Pratchett, hands down. He has written so much.
L.L. That would be my choice, too!

12. Favorite book that was assigned in school?
Not one? I have to be honest and say that during my time in high school here in the Netherlands we had very little assigned reading. Only in the last two years, maybe three books that I remember for Dutch literature class. We didn’t even have a literature list. For other languages like English and German we could just choose ourselves. If we doubted it we could always run it past the teacher to see if it was alright to read for class.

13. Favorite season? 
It can really depend on my mood. But I like winter a lot because of snow (when we get any). But autumn can be nice as well to see the change in the trees and all.

   14. Favorite reading spot? 
My couch that looks out onto my book shelves.

15. Favorite book to movie adaptation?
Difficult. Because all movie adaptations have their faults. But I really liked The Hunger Games first movie. Funny because I didn’t even like the book that much. But I of course also like Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings.

16. The book that made you cry the hardest?
The Book Thief. But I don’t really bawl. I get a little teary eyed. That is all.
L.L. You know, I still haven't read that book.

17. Your all time favorite book character?
Bartimaeus from the Bartimaeus trilogy by Jonathan Stroud. Sarcastic demons are much love.

  18. What book series do you think would make a great television show.
Lockwood & Co. I just finished reading the fourth book as I am answering these questions and I could totally see these characters coming alive on the screen. I think the world also has a lot to offer for a tv show.

19. Favorite book pet?
Though I wasn’t a fan of the Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa, Grimalkin was gold.

20. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
The interaction with others. It is so much fun to share your love for books or to be able to interest others in your favorite books. And sometimes you find special people and make friends.
L.L. I am certainly glad I found you!

My name is Annemieke. I am also often found under the user name signourney. I live in the Netherlands and as such Dutch is my first language. However I do read a lot of books in English if I can get my hands on them. At least 70% of the books on my shelves are in English.
Twitter - @Signourney

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