Saturday, August 26, 2017

DOG DAYS OF SUMMER 2017 - Favorite Children's Books

Where did this month go? Jolene from JO'S BOOK BLOG and I have been following a DOG DAYS OF SUMMER theme all this month and next week we will be posting our wrap-up posts! As before, if anyone has posted a dog related post this month let us know and we will link it. Also, there is still time to do our DOG TAG.

I am going to share some Children's and Middle Grade favorites of mine and my son's.

This was my favorite picture book of all time! I was in disbelief that Goodreads had an image and a page for it! I am hoping when my sister brings down my childhood books from my mother's house it will still be among them.

This was from the Seuss Book-Of-the-Month Club subscription my father bought for me. I loved getting that white box in the mail every month. I subscribed to it for my son, too.

I was surprised to realize that I really didn't read any Children's chapter books or Middle Grade type dog books. I seem to have skipped right to novels like Big Red and Lad, a Dog; which I will be doing a post about next week.


When I asked The Manchild what dog book he remembered the most from childhood his immediate answer was Go, Dog. Go! It was the primary book I used to teach him to read, and was the first "real" book he read completely by himself (I also used the Bob Books). I can remember how elated he was when he managed to read this page on his own...

He could hardly wait for his dad to get home so he could read it to him.

Baz was a Clifford fanatic! We watched the show faithfully and had many of the books. He asked me to make him a Clifford costume for his second grade Harvest Of Good Books Festival parade...

The Harvest Of Good Books Festival was his school's "Halloween" celebration.

I don't think there is any other kids' show that got more of the younger set interested in the Classics than Wishbone. I know the show was an all time favorite of Baz Manchild's and I loved watching the show with him. I don't know how many of the books we have. I was wanting to add a photo of Baz and his life-sized cutout of Wishbone, but I have waited four days for him to get it out of the storage space and can wait no longer. I'll add it to next week's post.

He also loved the Shiloh books!
What are some of your favorite Children's and Middle Grade stories?

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