Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Hello, everyone! As you know Jolene from JO'S BOOK BLOG and I are having a month long dog theme on our blogs for August. We will be reading and reviewing dog books, telling you about our favorite stories that feature canines, and maybe even some movies. We will also be posting a bookish dog tag soon, so be watching for that. If you do any dog related posts please let us know in our comments so we can link them. I hope you will join us!

I am going to try and read one dog related title a week from books I already own. This is my pick for this week.

If you want to see the dog books I have on my Goodreads shelf you can see them: HERE. If you have a look, feel free to leave me a suggestion for next week's reading.

The author who wrote PRACTICAL MAGIC, and FAITHFUL (about a girl who rescues dogs) posted an article about a dog she had in college: MY FIRST HUSBAND WAS A GERMAN SHEPHERD.

If you would l like to join in on the puppy love this classic is FREE and only 92 pages long. I just might do a quick re-read.

The author of THE DOG HUNTERS, which I will be reading this month, posted some wonderful illustrations of different breeds of dogs standing next to an Irish Wolfhound; from a Teacup Pomeranian to a Great Dane: HERE.

HERE is the link to Jolene's DDOS post. Make sure to visit and drop a comment. She fosters senior dogs and she deserves lots of love!
Do you have a favorite dog book?

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