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THE SUNDAY POST is a weekly wrap-up feature hosted by Kimba at the CAFFEINATED BOOK REVIEWER.

I tell you what is on my ARC free summer reading list!

I was ashamed to tell you how far behind I am on my Goodreads Challenge.

I show you what my attractions are. Heh heh. You might be shocked!

I show you my most anticipateds for the second half of the year.

My first Q&A on this new feature was with lovely Jolene from JO'S BOOK BLOG. Also a shoutout to Greg from BOOK HAVEN for being my first feature visitor!

My old demon Kindle Fire HD, Fhkeindle, finally bit it a couple of weeks ago and not only did I lose my ARC reading schedule, but I lost a lot of graphics I now have to remake for the blog, and some review outlines. If you have Kindle tablets be aware that not all app contents are stored in the cloud. You can re-download the app to another Kindle Fire, but the contents will be gone. I also lost a graphics font I was using from an older version of a photo app I had kept on my old Kindle, when I saw the updated version no longer had that font. I also lost all my progress on game apps that couldn't be linked to an email, so I had to start from scratch with Neko Atsume and my digi pet Pou. I am hoping a remote factory reset might resurect it, but all of my data will still be lost.

Sebastian finally went in for academic advisement at the university on Friday. He is changing his major and going back to school after taking a year off to work full time and refill his coffers. He kept putting it off and I thought he was going to decide to work for another year and that worried me because I thought he might not get back to school, period. If you are new to this blog my son decided to change his major from Biochemistry with a Cellular Biology emphasis, to straight Biology wth an emphasis in Genetics. He also had blown through the last of his college trust fund after I had been pinching pennies trying to get him through his B.S., and into a Master's program without taking out any student loans. He decided to take a year off and work to put at least some money back in the bank. I am so relieved he finally went in that I am hardly mad at all that it is going to take an extra year and a half, instead of one year, to get his Bachelor's after changing his major. Heh heh.

I think this was an Amazon Deal Of The Day. It was $2.99. I had heard some great things about it, in fact Kimba, from Caffinated Book Reviewer, reviewed it last week. The only bad reviews I came upon were because they thought it was too weird, and I usually love those books. It is back up to regular price now.

Both Kimba, and Heather (from Random Readheaded Ramblings) adored this trilogy, so when I saw the audio for the first book was an editor's pick special on Audible for $4.99 I grabbed it. I think it is 36-37 hours long, so that was a huge bargain. When my other 99 cent credit becomes available, I am going to get the second book! I think I will let the regular Audible payment go through for the third month and get the third book with my credit. It is now full price again.

You can read Cait from PAPER FURY'S hilarious, but serious post, A Helpful Guide To What Bloggers Actually Do: HERE.

Ri over at HIVER ET CAFE has a post featuring this new idea, iClassics. They are ebook classics with a soundtrack, and animation placed at strategic places throughout the text to help readers who struggle to finish these older books. I would think these would be fabulous for high schoolers. It would be better for them to read an entire book this way than to use Spark Notes. You can see Ri's post: HERE.
PAGES UNBOUND is having an ANNE OF GREEN GABLES read-a-long during the month of July. It is more like a Montgomery extravaganza because they are going to be discussing everything, even movies and television. You don't need to be in the read-a-long to participate in the discussions. You can view all the particulars: HERE. I will be joining because I bought an ebook bundle last year of every Anne related story. I have only read the first three books, but I adored the PBS television series. It sounds like too much fun to miss. Plus, nostalgia!


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