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I tell you how I love this one new style of cover art.

I tell you about our weird family traditions. One involves Moon Tape. Ha ha!

I show you my top five favorite books so far this year. I was surprised to see four of the five were standalones.

I saw this on Twitter and thought it was perfect for my summer vacation binge of all things non-ARC. It is like a library children's summer reading program for adults! I pledged 25 books, YIKES, because I need to catch up in my Goodreads Challenge and because of Sebastian's college fund shenanigans and major change there will be no trips this year. Reading time will abound.

▪ I will be starting my ANNE OF GREEN GABLES READ-A-LONG today. There is still time to join and you do not have to be participating in the read-a-long to join the discussions.

▪Introducing Phinn my Creature From the Black Lagoon plushie (my ex was expert level at gift giving). I finally found him after a year of searching through boxes in the backroom. I had been wanting to use him as a book photo mascot and here he is. Now all I need is a better camera. Heh heh. This was my entry for the MEMORIES OF ASH PHOTO CONTEST.

▪Blogger has been doing a lot of bizzare things. A newbie blogger I am helping kept saying that after clicking "view" Blogger kept taking her back to a blank editing page. I thought she was doing something wrong, and was trying to figure it out, but when I was updating posts with new graphics it kept taking me back to a blank editing page AND adding a new "draft" of the post everytime I updated! I also noticed it is off-setting every one of my images to the right a smidge. I compensated for some of the main ones, but my patience wore out quickly. The edit page slides around and everytime I add a graphic I get the pink warning message for broken code, but all you have to do is close it. It's funny... I cannot find the "Report a Problem" prompt anymore. I feel sorry for the new blogger.

I saw another mother remarking on Facebook how it had been six years since Sebastian's high school class had graduated, and I was thinking back on that time and how stressful it had been. Sebastian was seriously ill his last three years of school, but he still did all of his community service requirements for graduation, fully participated in five different music ensembles, and did two musicals a year at our regional theater. He was in National Honor Society and was a Nobel Association Scholar. He also graduated with honors while receiving three different course study diplomas: Regents diploma, RIT Lead the Way Pre-Engineering diploma (which he did for "fun"), and a Rod Serling School of Fine Arts diploma. All of his classes were AP and IB (International Baccalaureate). He used to sit and do his homework in doctors' waiting rooms and at lab services. I frankly don't know how he did it. His anemia was so bad his lips and fingernail beds would turn blue, and he lost so much weight by graduation he looked like a Holocaust victim (the above picture was of course taken almost a year before). I used to sit on his bed and watch him while he was sleeping and cry. 
As I read the mother's post about her daughter graduating with her Master's degree I felt a little pang of jealousy, but then I thought, wow, Sebastian is almost 100% well now! He had to take a year off from university for being sick, and one to work, but it doesn't matter. He is alive, and able to work a normal job, and go to school full time. Today is a far cry from making him sleep sitting up next to me on the couch so I could be sure he was still breathing. I am truly thankful, and so very proud of him. Now I wish he could rediscover some of that Herculean determination he had in senior high school. Ha ha!

Goodreads now has ebooks in its giveaways and I won this. I was notified of the giveaway because it was on my To Read shelf.

I won a $25.00 Amazon gift card from author EMMA RAVELING. I am going to save it and put it towards buying a decent camera instead of books. I also won a signed paperback of her first book which I will show when it gets here. Maybe I can take a photo with the new camera!

Penguin Teen is featuring 13 Newbury winning books and having a $1.99 ebook SALE until midnight tonight. They said there were 15, but there were not. Ha ha.  These were the three that sounded good to me.

This was an "also bought" suggestion under all of the Newbery books I looked at and it was $1.99. It sounded interesting, so I purchased it. I think this one is YA. It says there is going to be a movie.

As I said I was going to do, I purchased the second THE PASSAGE TRILOGY book with my last 99 cent special Audible credit. I am going to let the regular monthly fee go through next month for $14.99 and I am going to buy the last book. All three audiobooks for less than $17.00 is a steal.

Katherine from I WISH I LIVED IN A LIBRARY is half way through her feature 52 PINS IN 52 WEEKS where she tries out four pins from her Pinterest  boards each month, and tells us how she fared. I adore this feature and if she does it again next year, I am going to join her!
Litha Nelle from VICTORIAN SOUL CRITIQUES gave suggestions for books to gift to recent high school graduates in her THE SUNDAY FUN FIVE post. It made me think about what would be on my list.

The Smell Of Other People's Houses


Household Items I Love



The 2016 Summer Blogger Promo Tour Lineup:
* We are cross guest posting in groups of eight. My group is in boldface.

My first guest poster is Dana from DANASQUARE. Her post is: The Pros and Cons of Duologies, Trilogies, and Extended Series.

My first guest post is for Dejah at LEGEND OF LOST BOOKS. My post is: Duologies... I Used To Loathe Them and Now I love Them.

Have a marvelous week!

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