Sunday, June 12, 2016


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I tell you which ARC I am going to treat myself to after I finish my current read.

There is also a Kindle Fire / $50 GC giveaway INTERNATIONAL, so make sure you visit!

I have decided to join WOW, but it will only be a monthy post with multuiple books.

I tell you all about my anime loves, both movies and television series.

I had something really weird happen on my RAVE REVIEW. I usually have a section in my reviews where I refute some of the negative things I see in Goodreads reviews. Things like they rated it two stars because there was too much time travel when there wasn't any, or the book was bad because the MC was a brat, but it was the characters growth/change platform, and they obviously didn't read the book because the character grew into a giving and helping person. I never identify the reviewer and I never directly quote from the review, so if a reader wants to know who wrote it they would have to go to Goodreads and start scrolling down and reading every bad review until they found it.

On the bad rating review I was refuting, the reviewer said they had DNFed it early on, and was commenting back and forth with a couple of other readers who had DNFed it in the beginning of the book as well. They were saying they had read that same story a million times (don't you have to actually read the story to know that?).  The reviewer had ignored the two commenters who stated the story does a compete turn around, so I commented that I agreed with "so and so" and that the story is great after about twenty percent.

Here is the weird part. Within minutes of me posting the review on my blog there was a long nasty comment from that reviewer on the post! I didn't even read the entire thing because the first sentence was, "I never said I dnfed that book!" Then in all caps somewhere near the middle of the lengthly comment was something about me being a "LIAR", and the final sentence was about being "seriously hurt." I deleted it. The blog review had not been linked on my Goodreads review yet, so how did she know I posted the review that quicky? After reading a benign comment why would she sit and wait for a review to be posted? And why would she think just because someone made a comment on her review that they were getting ready to post a blog review? As far as me being a liar, not only did she say she DNFed the book in the beginning in her review, she was discussing it with the others, and it was on her DNF shelf. She not only said she DNFed it, she shelved it there, so how am I a liar? She is a co-blogger on a big name blog so she should know better than to start that kind of drama. Plus, she was not identified in my review so by commenting like that she was telling everyone it was her. The whole thing makes no sense to me. I haven't gone back to see if she changed her review and took the book off her dnf shelf to make me look like a liar. 

On a much much happier note, Jolene, from JO'S BOOK BLOG was vacationing near where one of our favorite authors, Bethany Crandall, who wrote SUMMER ON THE SHORT BUS, was having an in-store event and she got to meet her! When she had her picture taken she held up a sign that said, "Hi, La La." That was so sweet.

I won this paperback on the author's blog. I have the first two books as ebooks, so now I can binge read all three. I have been warned not to eat while reading these books. Ha ha. He personalized it to me, too!

I won this pretty pretty audiobook from CAFFINATED BOOK REVIEWER. Thanks, Kimba! I was checking my email and I saw that I had won, so I ran back to edit it into this Sunday Post. It will be my first Urban Fantasy, so I am excited to read it.

This was the FREE Summer Reads audiobook from SYNC last week. 

I was shocked when I was approved for this!

Good girl, La La, good girl.




Most anticipateds.


Have a Splendiferous week!

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