Saturday, January 14, 2017

THE SATURDAY SATIATION - The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook GIVEAWAY

Welcome to my foodie books feature!

The cover is prettier than it looks above there are shiny mockingjay and flame images on it...
I am not sure if I won this, or it came in one of those boxes of random books publishers used to send. I haven't gotten one of those odds and ends boxes in ages, do they even send those out anymore? It has resided on my shelves for over a year, unopened, so I thought I would find it a new home where it would be loved.
I did leaf through the book trying to figure out which recipe I would share. Don't worry I didn't pick Peeta's bread.
Nope, not even a breadcrumb.

There are 150 Hunger Games inspired recipes included. There are no photographs of the finished products, though. That would have been nice.
◾ ◾ ◾
There are recipes from normal foods like orange muffins, through dishes that have exotic ingredients like wild mushrooms which can be easily swapped out, to recipes like...

And speaking of exotic ingredients, I saw nettles included in one of the recipes and people can be highly allergic to them and go into anaphylactic shock. We had no idea until my son had to pick some for a Biology lab and developed serious respiratory distress. The ER doctor said that it is actually a common allergy, but people are unaware because it isn't something you usually pick with your bare hands. There was no warning in the book about picking and handling it without gloves.
◾ ◾ ◾
There also was no warning in the recipe that included poke weed which can be poisonous if not cooked correctly! You can read a post about it: HERE.

This recipe looks harmless...

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