Monday, January 2, 2017

RAVE REVIEW - The Architect Of Song by A.G. Howard + GIVEAWAY

Haunted Hearts Legacy #1

This was my first experience with NA and the author made it a pleasurable one. If it had been any other author than A.G. I probably would have held my hands up and violently shaken my head in refusal because I am not a "sexy times" type of reader. However... based on my history of reading Howard's YA Wonderland based SPLINTERED series, and having her make a love triangle palatable for me (there is an unusual third party in the YA story, too), and romantic scenes not make me cringe, I was intrigued. I actually requested a review copy of this title and I was excited for it. Yes folks, La La was excited for a New Adult Romance!
The story, set in Victorian England, was a dream to read. Unlike other romances I have tried there was a solid storyline, vivid settings, and I wasn't cringing every five pages from descriptions of grunting and groaning sex scenes. The romance was sometimes sweet and sometimes steamy with a classical edge. Which reminds me...
If you love classics like Jane Eyre this book will delight you.
And did I mention the ghost? The charming, disarming, sometimes alarming spectral manifestation called Hawk?

“It will be the longest four weeks of my death.”

⬛ ⬛ ⬛

Another aspect that grabbed me by the collar and pulled me in was the tragedy and triumph in this book. It was so much more than a Romance story. It dealt with childhood trauma, physical handicaps, death, and class systems in society among other things. I bought the ebook to re-read it before I wrote my review. The ultimate stamp of approval is when you see me spend my hard earned cash on an ebook, or a physical copy of a title I already have an ARC for.

Ghost lover that I am... Hawk! An unusual, wholey acceptable love triangle; even for this multiple amour loathing reader. Ha ha. Love encounters that didn't make me cringe. Hat making! Oh yes, I love reading about millinery, especially Victorian styles. And most importantly, if the book was stripped of all its romance elements there would still be a story left to read. A good solid story.

If you are interested in the details of how and why this story is different from other New Adult, and to find links to other information about the book, you can see it: HERE. I would recommend reading this post, it is well worth your time.

Because trying to win an ARC of one of A.G.'s books is the reason I became the Accidental Blogger, I have kicked off every New Year here with a Splintered related post. Now that series has come to a close, but I am happy to be introducing this new series of books from the author as I ring in another blogging year! A.G. was kind enough to offer a giveaway of a SIGNED paperback of this gorgeous book. Let me tell you, I am over the top jealous you all get a chance at this beauty, and I will be in the corner crying unabashedly as you rack up your entries. GOOD LUCK!

This giveaway is now INTERNATIONAL!
Thank you, A.G.

NO CHEATING! I check every entry!
No P.O. boxes.
No giveaway only Twitter accounts.
Must be 18 + years to enter.
Not responsible for USPS loss or damage.
*The author will be shipping your prize, so you will be giving her your mailing address.

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