Friday, January 6, 2017



Katherine from I WISH I LIVED IN A LIBRARY challenged herself to trying one of her PINTEREST pins each week last year, and then she posted about them. I was hooked from the beginning and kept hoping she was going to continue on in 2017, so I could join her. She is, and there is also going to be a link-up the last Saturday of each month. Thank you, Katherine!

I just started my Pinterest board for this challenge, and here are some of the types of pins you will most likely see me trying...

I have a gorgeous crockpot with three different sized white ceramic inserts. I have had it about ten years and have only taken it out of the box once, so I could use one of the pretty crocks to take potato salad to a party. Ha ha. It now resides in the deepest, darkest recesses of my bottom kitchen cupboards. This challenge will give me a reason to pull it out and use it.

I have never successfully folded an origami shape in my life and this fact frustrates me! I see Cait from PAPER FURY and author PRECY LARKINS folding pretty, pretty things and I want to do it, too, even if I only manage it once!

MACARONS! Everyone seems to love them, but everytime I ask, no one has made them, so I thought I would give it a whirl. If I am successful I plan to try different holiday flavors and decorations.

I am a pescetarian, which basically means I am a vegetarian who eats fish on occasion. Baz Manchild does not eat red meat, but still eats poultry and fish. My plan right now is to cut way down on dairy products and eggs, so I will be experimenting with some of the vegan alternatives to these I have seen on Pinterest. Cheese is my downfall to this plan. Heh.

I love getting letters and cards in the mail and I love sending them, too! I have a board called YOU'VE GOT SNAIL MAIL, and it has all sorts of envelope decorating ideas. I will be sending some of my experiments to fellow bloggers.

Anything and everything HALLOWEEN! I have a Facebook page, PROFESSOR BUMBERSHOOT'S WITCHERY COOKERY AND MAGICAL HOMES AND GARDENS, and Halloween is my busiest time there. 

I have a board full of HANDMADE BOOKMARK ideas I want to start making. I will be sending out some of these to fellow bloggers, too!

Yes, please!

I like to save money and side step all the chemical additives, too.

I have several cookie boards, so I am sure you will see me try quite a few!

Are you on Pinterest? What types of boards do you have?

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