Friday, December 2, 2016


TFF is based on TOP TEN TUESDAY by The Broke and the Bookish. I always frown in a defeated manner when trying to come up with ten answers for TTT, so...

*please excuse the different sized fonts. Blogger is having another tantrum.

 I love black book shelves.
The Manchild is buying me a new mattress and box springs for the winter holidays, how adulting of him, so I think these will have to be a New Years present to myself. I already know I am ordering them from the Home Depot website. 
They are 5 and 1/2 feet tall and 2 feet wide. I'm ordering three. They are $45 each with free shipping. $135 is not bad for nearly 6' by 6' of shelving space.


I know I would appreciate a better reading chair as a giftI have been looking for one for a couple of years now. All of the styles I like are well over $300 and I refuse to pay much more than $I75. Ha ha. *good luck with that, La La. 
Purple velvet would be my heart's dream!


Art seems to be something people forget when buying for book lions and book dragons...
I would adore a 24X36 inch poster, nicely framed. Framed book quotes are wonderful, too.


I am obsessed with cache boxes. How about you?
Book shaped storage is even better! If they are filled with cookies, candy, or tea; no wrapping is required! These could be used for storing bookmarks, stationery and pens, colored pencils for coloring books, all those important business cards from publishers/authors/bloggers, or even mundane things like a sewing kit. These are from Ebay, but I saw the websites for Home Depot and Target have them also. Searching on Pinterest was more fruitful than on Google.


We all know how I love my two throw pillows from Cait's PAPER FURY SOCIETY6 SHOP
I think you also know this is my hands down, absolute favorite pillow of all time!
I can't decide if I want this Cait quote on a pillow or a laptop skin. 
Is there a book cover poster you would love framed?
What are some non-book gifts you are happy to receive?

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