Saturday, December 3, 2016

THE MONTHLY MASH - November 2016

This is my monthly highlights post. I will also be linking up with STACKING THE SHELVES, hosted by Tynga's Reviews, every first Saturday of the month.

I read five books in November; all ebooks. Thank goodness I read ten books in October!
I ended the month having read 65 of my 72 Goodreads Challenge books and was "on track".
My favorite title read this month was THE BONE SPARROW.

It was free. I would check because it might be 99 cents.

It was on sale for $1.49.

This is a Children's chapter book. It was free, but I think it is only 99 cents.

I saw this on Laura's blog FUONLYKNEW. It is only 99¢.

I have my Yuletide reading now. It was 99¢, but it is back up to $5.99.

It was free, but now it is $1.00.

My buddy Elizabeth from SO LONG... & THANKS FOR ALL THE FISH talks about this author a lot, and I have intended to read something of Pierce's, so when I saw this for $1.99 I scooped it up.

I have wanted to read this for a while now, so when I saw it on sale for $1.99, I grabbed it

The tag line is... A fairy. A dream. A bean burrito. It was free, but is now back up to $2.99.

This is a pre The Hobbit story. I have wanted to read it for a while, so $1.99 was a steal.

I saw this illustrated novel (I am not quite sure how it differs from a graphic novel) on two blogs. You can see the Goodreads review from Liz: HERE, and Danielle's: HERE. It is still 99 cents.

I loved this story as a child and my son did also. At first when I saw it for $1.99 I was thinking about the younger of the two girls I babysit, but I keep forgetting she is eight years old now, ha ha. I guess it will be for my Someday Grands, although I have saved quite a few stressed out parents on the bus, and in waiting rooms with my Kindle collection of kids' ebooks!

I grabbed another Vonnegut for my marathon next November to celebrate his birth month. It was a $1.99 one day ebook special.



This is a graphic novel from NOBROW a publisher I have automatic approval with. I also downloaded several new Children's picture books from their imprint FLYING EYE BOOKS. I am going to be doing a spotlight post about Flying Eye on my children's blog soon.

I saw this title on Anne's, from INKED BROWNIES, Dutch authors post: HERE. It sounded interesting and it might still be a Read Now on EW: HERE.

Elizabeth from SO LONG... & THANKS FOR ALL THE FISH was thinking about me when she was at a book festival and got me this Pratchett paperback (I am going to be collecting the Discworld books in PB, all but the Tiffany Aching arc which I want in HC), and...
Gifts for just because are wonderful. Thank you, Elizabeth!
The pillow on my post header can be found at PAPER FURY SOCIETY6.
What were your favorite book additions last month?

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