Sunday, May 1, 2016


THE SUNDAY POST is a weekly wrap-up feature hosted by Kimba at the CAFFEINATED BOOK REVIEWER.

 I tell you all about week three of my ARC April Challenge.

I finally finished my guest post about attracting blog views and comments for Mel at BOOKS ARE MY CHILDREN. I don't know when it will be up, but I will let you know when I find out.

The Goodreads widgets on my sidebar got all wonky again and I took them all down. I am not going to bother notifying Goodreads tech support because all they do is tell you to make sure you have JavaScript enabled, and when you advise them that you do they blame it on Blogger.

This is the sequel to THE SIN EATER'S DAUGHTER. I didn't care for the first book because the story had so many holes in it, but seeing that it was a debut author and there was a gigantic cliffhanger, I am going to give it a whirl. It publishes at the end of May.

This was still a 99 cent ebook at the time of this posting. It is diverse Historical Fiction and a Peter Pan retelling. I guess it is going to be a series of some kind because it says it is Paper Hearts Novel #1. I couldn't pass it up! This is a recent release from only a couple of weeks ago.

This book is about a door to door book salesman in 1965 Mississippi. I was drawn to the cover and the synopsis makes it sound quirky; plus it was free. It is, however, back up to $2.99. Another odd thing is that it was published in 1990. Maybe it is a new release as an ebook because it only has 16 ratings on Goodreads.

I found both of these deals on READINGDEALS.COM
I downloaded five free cookbooks this week, too. I have been having better luck with this site than with BookBub.

This book is from the author of THORN and the sequel to SUNBOLT. Both Sunbolt and Memories of Ash are 99 cent ebooks as a pre-release special. If you would like to sample Intisar's writing for free, she has a short story prequel to her second trilogy, THE BONE KNIFE, as an ebook. It is set in the same world as Thorn.

Heather from RANDOM REDHEADED RAMBLINGS continues to serve up her BIZARRE BOOKS every week.

Katherine from I WISH I LIVED IN A LIBRARY has been doing her own monthly feature, 52 PINS IN 52 WEEKS, were she picks a pin from her Pinterest boards and does one a week. At the end of the month she tells us, and sometimes shows us, if they were thumbs up or thumbs down. I love how she also lets us know what she would do differently if she ever attempts the recipe or project again. I hope she does this feature again next year because I am going to join in!

Cait from PAPER FURY has been serializing a book on Wattpad and what I have read so far is wonderful. It's complete now so you can read the entire story!

The lovely author M.R. Graham, who makes her home over at QUI EST IN LITERIS, has a snippet feature called TUESDAY TEASER. She encourages us to leave a link, image, quote, or excerpt from a WIP, and she does the same. I join her most every week. It is painlessly motivating!


With Kaylee and Mommy

Laith came through for me and HIDDEN MAGIC is back up. There should be two new chapters published this week.

Have a marvelous week!


  1. Ugh I know what you mean abot the GR widgets La La! I used to have so many problems with them that I stopped using it. I'll check out Katherine's pinterest feature. It sounds fun and I love pinterest! Now that I'm done with Camp Nano I can catch up with what I missed in your blog! Like the ARC April update! Looking forward to your guest post about blog views! There can't never be enough visitors right??? :) Enjoy your books and have a great week La La

    1. The more blog views the more people see those darn books we love so much! You should come and join us for the snippet feature on Tuesdays! Congratulations on NaNo. :)

  2. The goodreads widgets suck. The one where it keeps track of your challenge never worked for me so I just removed it. Hope you have a great week.

    1. I went through a lot of inconvenience changing my user name so the ampersand and punctuation marks didn't show because the widget titles were being converted to JavaScript, and now the book titles are showing as JavaScript. Ugh.

  3. Nora and Kettle looks interesting, and so does the one about the traveling book salesman. Going door to door selling books- that has me curious.

    Tuesday Teaser has me curious too, I like seeing people's snippets of their WIP's and it might be fun to share. Thanx for letting us know. Hope you're having a good weekend. :)

    1. When M.R. first started the snippet feature there were a few people joining in, but the last few weeks it has been just the two of us. It is more fun with more people. :)

  4. Gadgets and widgets make us all crazy. I hope book two of the Sin Eaters is good. Have a delightful week my friend!

    1. Thanks. I think I will start making my own Goodreads widgets and update them myself!Ha ha. :)

  5. Oh, I'm looking forward to the guest post about commenters. I get a lot of comments on my Sunday Post (and link-ups) but very few on other blog posts (mostly book reviews)!

    1. Yeah, that was one of my top suggestions that link-ups are a blogger's best friend. :)

  6. I bought the audio of Sin Eater's Daughter when it was on sale, and then I find out it's going to be a free audio for the SYNC program two days later. ARGGGUUUHH! Oh, well. I'm hoping I enjoy it more knowing the issues it has, it seems to be a book that's divided a lot of reviewers.
    You mentioned widgets reminds me I need to check and see if all of mine work...I've been so off and on with blogging this year that I've neglected the maintenance part a bit.
    I hope your week is awesome and that you get some down time to read!

    1. It is a shame the GR widgets are having such problems because I liked that they updated themselves. Oh well. Yeah, the Sin Eater's Daughter isn't what the synopsis suggests, and I couldn't give my reasons in my GR reviuew because they would all have been spoilers. :)


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