Tuesday, May 10, 2016


TELL ME TUESDAY is a floating feature depending on your reading style, where you tell us what you read last, what you are reading now, what you will be reading in the future from your tbr pile, and why. I am oh so curious why people read what they read. So tell me!
Joining us this week...
Jolene from JO'S BOOK BLOG
Go have a peek at their latest grabs and tell them yours.

This month I am doing yet another ARC reading challenge...
I want to have all of my pre-September ARCs cleared out by July, so I can do all personal reading during July and August. The linky for this challenge is open until the 15th if you want to join.

This book disappointed me so much. It could have contributed a lot to to diverse MG, but I feel the author's own biases are going to turn many readers off. I have not given this book a star rating, yet, because she represented hijab wearing as forced in all circumstances and I know this is not true from many Twitter discussions I have seen. I want to wait until I hear the opinion of some readers who wear head coverings.

I was given a pdf of this book because I won't join tours for books or authors I am not familiar with. They are also sending a physical copy for my Kookies and Milk reviewer, but the book is so fabulous I just might keep the book and gift Kaylee a Kindle ebook. Heh heh.

I am loving this book, so far. It is MG Magical Realism. It has Russian culture and folktales, and a non trditional family with siblings. Many of the reviews were saying the story is scattered and confusing, but I am past the 30% mark and I am not finding that at all. 


Now that Sebastian is reading again I wanted to start sharing his current title.
When he said he was finished with the first Dresden Files book, Storm Front, I was worried he wasn't going to keep reading, but he said he was going to tell his friend he wanted to borrow the next one. I was twirling on the inside! He only reads during breaks and lunch at work (no WiFi), but he hasn't pleasure read in so long, I'll take anything.

What are you reading? Tell me!

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