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TELL ME TUESDAY is a floating feature depending on your reading style, where you tell us what you read last, what you are reading now, what you will be reading in the future from your tbr pile, and why. I am oh so curious why people read what they read. So tell me!

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This book was super great... up until the very end, that is. I was adoring this book because it was everything a Middle Grade should be. The content was age appropriate, it was written in a way that would interest this reading age group and keep them engaged, it had a message, and it had a nontraditional family (I always love this because traditional families are not the norm anymore). What happened? I don't know what it was but the ending was more than a cliffhanger. At least with a cliffhanger you are hanging on, with this story's ending you are free falling. I have not reviewed it on Goodreads yet because, geesh, I am still trying to figure out what was missing. Did it need to end sooner, with the last bit put at the beginning of the sequel? Did it need more after the ending? Did the climax need to be more defined? I have to think on this one some more. It won't be less than four stars though.

Yet another NA skating itself as YA by making the MC 18, but just before high school graduation. Before the 3% mark there were discussions about topless selfies, porn, needing to get "boned" before graduation, and premature ejaculation. Not only do I feel this is inappropriate in YA and totally unnecessary (because that is why they started NA, to have YA tropes with adult content), but it feeds another one of my pet peeves; it paints a seriously skewed portrait of what American high school students are about. I will do what I always do with this type of NA/YA hybrid, that the publishers like to classify 18+ grade 13 and up Young Adult on Edelweiss (and someone please tell me what grade 13 is, there is no grade 13!), and read it in its entirety hoping the grotesque beginning is a set up for a huge growth/change arc. Then I will probably be completely disappointed that it wasn't, and it was there as "naughty stuff" bait for the youngsters. The publishers and authors have been fighting against the idea of putting 16+ and 18+ notification on YA books, but you know what? As long as this type of content is being put forth by them, and they themselves use those classifications in the trade publications, I say let the parents have that information, too! I cringe every time I read one of these stories knowing that some parent somewhere is blissfully letting their 12 year old buy it, or borrow it from the library because it is YA and YA is for 12-18 year olds.

I am excited to read this sequel to SUNBOLT from the author of THORN. There is also an always free short story THE BONE KNIFE.

What are you reading? Tell me!

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