Friday, November 3, 2017


I needed a quick regular third post a week, so I copied off Greg's paper, ha ha, and am posting interesting covers on Fridays. Greg was in the hospital for several days and had surgery last Friday. We have not heard from him since, so please drop by BOOK HAVEN and give Greg's last BOOKCOVER SPOTLIGHT a good energies comment. Even if you have commented on the post previously, just keep commenting there to let him know we are all thinking about him. Let's fill the post to overflowing with well wishes. Don't forget to tweet him also.


This book is Romance dammit! I love, love, love this cover, but I am allergic to Romance novels. Heh heh. I hope this style catches on as a trend and ends up on the covers of some of my favorite authors because I want them on my shelves.
What do you think?

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