Monday, November 27, 2017

THE SUNDAY SYNOPSIS #141 - A Little Bit Late!




Thanksgiving was great even though it was the day after to accomodate The Manchild's work schedule. Baz and I were able to talk books because we were fresh off our buddy read of Slaughterhouse Five and he is right now finally reading the last book in the Inkheart trilogy after about twelve years! He had to re-read the first two because he had forgotten so much.
And speaking of Thanksgiving... there is a video some have been sharing around social media which is telling people that the holiday is a Pilgrim celebration of killing Native Americans, which is not true. Now, I am not saying that there were not European settlers who may have had celebrations after killing Native Americans, but the holiday of "Thanksgiving" is based on a harvest celebration. The event is well documented on both sides. They invited the local Native Americans to join them in thanks for helping them grow some of the New World crops that kept them from death that first year. In fact, it wasn't even a holiday until 1863. So for all the international people who were losing their minds thinking that we are celebrating genocide, we are not. I know I am not supposed to identify as NA because I was not raised tribal, but my father's girlfriend was, and I can speak of my experiences, and yes many Native Americans celebrate Thanksgiving themselves. In fact, the two smoke shops on the Onondaga reservation close all day on Thanksgiving, and the tribal gift shop, just outside the reservation does also. I will be doing a blog post about this next week and I have a video to share where kids interviewed a Native American tribal council member about Thanksgiving. As long as you don't use Pilgrim/Indian imagery you are okay. It is a friends and family holiday. I don't even think many people think about the Pilgrims association with the holiday any more. The Manchild's elementary school stopped Thanksgiving imagery and stories with the Pilgrims after he was in first grade 19 years ago. Anyway, keep an eye out for that post. It will probably be on my personal blog.

I practiced guitar, ZERO! The week was just too chaotic and I had an accidental luxation of my left shoulder on Wednesday, but I did get a bit of inspiration (even if it was in a negative way) from watching a video my buddy ol' pal, Keifer, posted today on Facebook, of himself playing acoustic guitar... rather badly (I am almost 100% sure he doesn't read my blog, fingers crossed). He is a fabulous Hard Rock/Metal guitarist, but... not all styles translate sometimes. I love him dearly, but he was always rather critical of my electric playing, and definitely not supportive like his bandmates, so I am setting aside my solid bodies for a bit until I can brush up on my acoustic fingerstyle and post a video to show him up on Facebook.  *evil laughter*  Don't worry about the Metallica song I promised as my starting point video, it is in the can, so to speak, but I have to figure out if I can edit it without a laptop and do some sort of a video for it.  You are in for a treat because my friend who loaned me the backing tracks stick was on the floor laughing, with his head covered up with a throw pillow, by the time I finished my solo. Fun times.

Here is my tabs/lessons guy, 331 EROCK'S, "weekly " Meets Metal. He was AWOL on the Meets Metals for a couple of weeks because he was cataloging all of his tabs and backing tracks for us! *a chorus of angels singing* If you were a Justice League Unlimited cartoon fan, this will knock your socks off...

It is $1.99 right now so jump over and see if it is still on sale.

Yeah, I know it is Historical Fiction, but it was free and the cover is soooooo nice. Plus, my second stepfather was a Civil War re-enactor, so I have some in-depth knowledge of that conflict, and can rip this book to shreds if the author didn't do her research. Ha ha. It was still free when I posted, so check it out.

This is still $2.99 at the time of this posting.

Adding to my Someday Grandchildren's e-library. When the oldest Munchkin ages out of my babysitting her, I think I will look for a kindergartener to fill her place because I have gotten some wonderful picture books since the two of them have aged out of that readership. It is still 99¢ at this moment.

Faceboook pretty much gives our book pages the finger if we aren't paying to "boost" our posts. Someone did a study of Facebook's algorithm: HERE. I co-admin a Harry Potter fan page that has nearly 5,000 followers and our posts normally only reach 80-125 people. Please remember to like and comment on your blogging buddies' pages because just one like can boost a post's reach to 20% more people.

See the complete Fantastic Beasts moving picture: HERE, and see The Nerdist's take on what it reveals about the new film.

I am not promising anything! Let's just hope for the best. Ha!

Have a stellar week!

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