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I was one hot mess blogging this week! Only one post other than my wrap-up. I didnt even manage a Cover Conversations post on Friday! There were several things going on, including my boss calling me into work on Friday for an imagined "emergency", which swirled into the perfect storm of not enough time because I try to make sure all my work is done before Friday every week, so I have an extra day off. Ha ha. Everything was affected, including my blog visiting, and I apologize. I am sitting here right now at 3:00 pm with not having eaten anything all day. I haven't even had time to make coffee, so you know this is a serious deal. *eye twitch* After I whip up this post and have coffee I am spending my afternoon catching up with Greg's blog, BOOK HAVEN, and I will see the rest of you later!
I participated in this annual read-a-thon for the second time, this week. I read two anti-bullying books. I contributed $5.00. Next year I am going to make and sell Halloween themed bookmarks to save towards a bigger donation.

The Manchild has to work from noon to nine on Thursday, so we will be having our Thanksgiving on Friday. It was already going to be a little different because I could not find the usual marinated turkey breast I prepare for Baz (he still eats poultry), so I bought a turkey ham chunk for him. Hey, it's still turkey! I wanted to take him to my friend's annual Friendsgiving on Friday, and not have to make a meal at all, but he won't go because he hates hearing about my crazy youth. The last time he went to a dinner party there, there was a fond discussion of the college nude beach and that was a little too much for him to handle. Ha!

Amid the time storm I still managed to practice guitar a little bit every day and that was centering for me. The violin I ordered is in at the luthier near where my mother lives. I have to synchronize schedules with my sister to drive out there and pick it up. I would let Aurie get it for me, but the instruments are factory seconds he fixes up, and I want to make sure it isn't a piece of crap. So many people said they wished they had played an instrument when they were younger, because they would love to play now, that I am going to start violin as a new instrument from scratch to show it can be done. I won't be playing any Paganini, but some simpler Irish reels and aires would be a nice accomplishment. 

Another week has gone by with no Meets Metal upload from my tabs/lessons guy, 331 EROCK, because he's working on a project, but he did start a new feature of covering Metallica solos...
The solo that gets the most requests in the comments will be the solo cover upload each following Monday, so if you are a Metallica fan hop over and leave a request on the ONE SOLO COVER to be considered for next week.

I was able to snap up the first two books in both the first two Thomas Covenant trilogies for 99¢ - $2.99! This is good news for my series re-read next year because you know how I prefer reading ebooks over physical books. Paying full price for both third books will have less sting when averaged out. The first one is still 99¢ at the time of this posting if you want to try this author out on the cheap.

I was able to scoop up the second book in the Dune series for $1.99. I bought the first in the series for $1.99 three or four months ago. I am also planning a re-read of this series next year. Hopefully the third book will go on sale because I only have the first three books in paperback, and even with reading glasses that small of print is too much for me. Ha ha.

Quirk Books keeps sending me doubles of promo books. They arrive with about a month in-between, so I must be on two different lists. I need to contact them, but it is kind of nice having an extra to put in the Little Free Library down the street.
AGAIN, NO NEW REVIEW ARCS! Things are looking pretty good for a lot of personal enjoyment reading next year.

I am not promising anything but a TELL ME TUESDAY and a SUNDAY SYNOPSIS. I did see that Annemieke, from A DANCE WITH BOOKS, tagged me for the I DARE YOU post, so maybe I will get that done. I wanted to do a thankfullness post for Thanksgiving, but if I do it will be a stream-of-consciousness type thing on my personal blog. I figured this would be a good resurrection post for my old blog.
Have a stellar week!
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