Thursday, August 2, 2018

Say hello to our SciFi dog tag! You can copy paste the questions and graphic: HERE. The Fantasy dog tag outline is also on that page. I will be posting my Fantasy answers next Thursday, but if you do the Fantasy version before that day feel free to post your link in the comments on this one. I will visit and comment on yours!

1. Have you ever watched a movie, television show, or read a book with a robot dog character?
Yes, first there was K9 from Doctor Who...

And of course Boxy's dog Muffy from Battlestar Galactica.

There was a small doglike droid in A CLOSED AND COMMON ORBIT.

I also found BOLTS: A ROBOT DOG on HOOPLA and will be reading it for DDOS soon. Remember my co-host, Jolene from JO'S BOOK BLOG, is donating $1 up to $100 total for every dog book we read and review in August!

2. If you could only afford one canine robot would you chose a small and smart companion, or a large loyal machine that could help you with heavy work and guard your home? Why?
A small companion would be good because I'm home alone a lot. Plus, my son would not visit if I had a large strong bot. I think we let him watch the I, Robot movie too young. Ha ha. He says there should be a law that ambulatory robots should never be bigger than you can easily kick across the room, just in case. I wonder if small enough to slip on banana peels would count? Heh heh.

3. If you were going to order a companion doggo-droid what are three things you would want to make sure it was programmed to do? For example: converse, play soccer, do tricks, fetch, warm your feet, make coffee...
Conversing would be nice. Fetching things I ask for and washing dishes! Dirty dishes are the bane of my existence.

4. Would you prefer your K9 bot look like a machine, or be padded and covered in fake fur to look like the real thing?
If I couldn't have a real dog, I would like it to look as cuddly as posible, but it would have to be done well like the teddy bear in the A.I. MOVIE.

If not... I would prefer it to look like a robot.

This is an existing toy called, AIBO.

5. Would you order your dogbot to look like any specific breed?
A small companion would have to resemble a BRUSSELS GRIFFON. I love them.

Put a cute little griff face on this one...

6. What would you name your droid friend? Why?
Devol, after George Devol, the inventor of programmable robots.

WiFido would be funny, though.

7. If you wrote a Science Fiction story with a doggo-droid main character what would the premise be and what title would you have in mind?
Maybe a story about how a virus has decimated the canine population and the diehard dog obedience and agility show participants start competing with dog robots they build and program? I would call it I, Dogbot. Ha ha ha ha.

8. If you, in reality, could own a canine robot would you? Why or why not?
I would! I love robots and I love dogs, so one would be perfect for me. It could never replace a real dog, but maybe it could walk my real dog for me. Ha ha.

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