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It was all about my tricks for coming up with character names for stories.


I did my first Beyond the Books feature which is based on the now closed Life of a Blogger. You get a prompt for a post that is usually non-bookish. This week it was about beauty products and the funny thing is it was my top viewed post of the week. Hehe.

The last five books added to my TBR.

There was another riot on Twitter incited by a blogger confessions post that was mainly about things other bloggers do on Twitter that are super annoying. The shot of adrenaline to the situation was a group of brand new book bloggers who are mostly teens that somehow banded together to form a mob (usual twitter style), who were bashing the two bloggers about the post, and being aggressive towards anyone who didn't 100% agree with them. Because I had participated in a "newbie bloggers meet, greet, and follow" a couple of weeks ago (trying to be a supportive fellow book blogger), I had six or seven of this mob blowing up my feed with nastiness. When I said that regardless of what they thought about the post we all have the right to post what we want on our own blogs, and that because it was a blog post they should be hashing it out there and not on Twitter, or making their own rebuttal post and just posting the link, they went ballistic. They started tweeting that they were just standing up to what the "confessions bloggers" said to them on Twitter. I checked and one of the two co-bloggers was saying nothing at all, and the other was being extremely civil and tweeting that they understood. A couple veteran bloggers I know from Twitter were RTing the lies about the "confessions bloggers" and when I told them to check for themselves, they both unfollowed me instead of admitting they were wrong. I think one of them blocked me because I am not getting their tweets anymore. This adds to three of those new bloggers being rude to me on their blogs when I commented. On one blog I commented that I had seen a lot of other bloggers talking about the book she had featured, and she told me she didn't think so! I hope this isn't going to be the next new face of book blogging.

Here is the confessions post that started it all.
I agreed with some things they said, and didn't agree with others, but they still had every right to post their thoughts on their blog, and should not have been accused of being aggressive on Twitter when they were being anything but. They also did a rebuttal blog post to what was being said on Twitter...
I have not read this yet, so I have no idea what their reaction was, but going on how civil and understanding Nick was being on Twitter, I think the "Let's Talk" title is promising.

And on another note (you will get my pun in a second).
This is the choral group, Orfeón Donostiarra , from Spain that is doing the soundtracK for the movie based on the book by Patrick Ness, A MONSTER CALLS.

MONDAY -There will be a Kookies and Milk review by Shannon from REX ROBOT REVIEW'S daughter, Kaylee, up on the Children's blog of BAD KITTY GOES TO THE VET.
WEDNESDAY - Maybe a Blogger Confessions post! Heh.
THURSDAY - Beyond the Books and the LL & A Monthly Tag.
And I promise my bloversary post will be up before the end of the month with a fab giveaway.
Have a stellar week!


  1. Hmm, yeah, I missed most of the rage on twitter?! Lucky me. But I did read the blog post that started it all and I have to admit I thought it was really bitter and sad and I do think you have every right to post what you want on your blog. But if it's negative and fairly aggressive, then you also have to accept the consequences? BUT AH WELL. I would rather not get involved in drama. XD I always end up just getting confused and flapping around asking where the cake is at this part. SO YEAH I'LL JUST BE OVER HERE. :P

    1. My take was that it wasn't a Twitter post, so the drama should have been kept to the blog comment section, but they were being accused of being aggressive on Twitter, which was a lie, and to me that out trumped anything that was said on their blog. To me if you have to lie to defend your point you are automatically out of line. Plus, the tweet mob said worse things to me personally than the "confessions bloggers" said in general, in their post. I unfollowed the entire lot of them. :/

    2. Plus they did except the consequences, at least on Twitter. Nick was being very nice to the mob.

  2. The Cat Who Came In Off The Roof looks great (awesome cover) but yeah sounds like it has too much adults and not enough cats? LOL.

    Twitter... shakes head. Sorry I missed all the fun (not). Although I feel for you for getting attacked by idiots. Heck with em. Grow up people. It's too bad these occasional flare ups have to happen on Twitter- the curse of social media I guess. Good on you for standing up. I read the posts you linked to, and like you I agree w/ some and not others. I can see where some might be offended if they thought they were being referred to, but no names were named so suck it up, opinions are universal and we all have them. To go off on people about it silly.

    1. I get down to following people I know are "safe", but then I see tweets about new bloggers and I feel for them because I had some wonderful bloggers help me out in the beginning, and always want to return the favor, but I have gotten burned too many times in the last few months, so I think following new bloggers on twitter is a thing of the past for me. :)

  3. I'm just stumbling on the drama today and I'm very glad that I missed it all. I did read the Confession post and while it isn't my thing it's also not my blog and I didn't feel like it was attacking anyone. Honestly I didn't relate to most of the confessions because I just read what I want and don't worry about the rest of it. I have noticed that a lot of the younger (college age and down) bloggers do seem to worry about stuff more so maybe the fact that I'm older has something to do with the fact that I don't relate? I don't know I just think everyone should relax and be nice. I was pretty impressed with how the Confession bloggers handled everything though. It would have been easy to get caught up in it all and be defensive but from what I've seen they really didn't. Anywya, that's just my rambling on the subject. Have a great week!

    1. That was what bothered me the most was they were being accused of being agressive on Twitter, and they weren't, and then some of the longer standing bloggers started RTing that without checking for themselves. Also, it became apparent that those tweeters couldn't take it, but they could still dish it out. :/

  4. Given that last week I was mostly off and wasn't interacting as much on Twitter or commenting much on blogs, I missed most of the whole debacle... I would have something to say about some of those bloggers confessions, but you know what? I just don't want to spend the energy there...

    1. My problem was when the mob was mad they weren't being agreed with 100% they lied and said they were being bullied by the confessuoins bloggers 0n Twitter, and they weren't. How is that any better than what they were accusing others of?

  5. I missed most of the drama on Twitter and didn't go read the post. I try to avoid all of it so I don't get targeted. It can get way out of hand and I don't need that. I do agree, you should be able to post what you want on your blog though:)

    My Sunday Post -

  6. I opt out of twitter for this exact reason. It's like people lose their minds over the smallest thing and then the mob mentality starts. #nothanks (ha, see what I did there?). But in general, I usually stay out of any social media drama. As far as blogger confessions, I didn't have a problem with what they were saying. I mean, it was perhaps a little condescending, but oh well? The only thing I find somewhat annoying on blogs is the "In My Mailbox" memes when they show off all the ARCs they received. I understand they want to acknowledge and thank the publishers, but it still comes across as a little braggy. But, that's just me and I don't look down on anyone doing them. I usually just scroll by. :)


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