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As most of you know I am much older than many of my fellow book bloggers. In fact, I am old enough to be a grandmother. You would think I would have drawers full of products trying to stave off the "worn look", but in the last few years I have actually scaled back and simplified my beauty regiment.
I loooooovvvvvvveeeee my BURT'S BEES products. I will buy anything that is on sale, and my friends and family know giving me BB products for a gift is a win win situation, so I catch-as-catch-can with most things, but there are a few BBs I have around no matter what the cost.
The lip balms. REFRESHING Pink Grapefruit is my new favorite, but REJUVENATING Acai Berry and REPLENISHING Pomegranate Oil are my old stand-bys. I have them all over the house and two or three in my backpack. They don't give you the backlash dry lip syndrome like a lot of other balms do. They smell wonderful, too, and are a bit like aroma therapy for me. I put the pomegranate on at bedtime. It has a calming sent.
I have always had problems with hangnails and this helps a lot. I also use it on dry patches of skin. Again, the scent is fab.
I use this everywhere: hands, face, legs, feet, arms and back. Lemony!

The natural ones are quite pricey, so I am not picky and buy whatever is on sale. If it is on clearance, and I have the money, I will buy them all! When I am feeling uber-productive, usually in the spring and fall, I make my own with organics and essential oils. There are tons of tutorials on Pinterest.

I could not live without my rotating facial brush. I had an age spot on my face the diameter of a pencil eraser and after using the power brush with an exfoliating face scrub for about a month it was gone, and it has not come back. I had the Olay brand brush first, but after getting the CVS brand brush for my son, because it was cheaper, I saw that the bristles were shorter and less "squishy" and they did a better job refining pores. Not only is it cheaper and better, it comes with batteries and two replacement heads instead of one. The replacement heads are cheaper than Olay's, too.

My chamois nail buffer. No nail polish needed after you shine up with one of these. Also, when you do want to use nail polish it makes the nail so smooth the polish looks better.

I adore KISS MY FACE products. They are organic and smell fabulous. We use the bath gels, shampoo, and hair conditioners. They are a bit higher cost, so I cut them with about 30% of an organic citrus castile soap we buy in gallon jugs. The bulk soap is cheaper per ounce than most drugstore liquid soaps. Sometimes I add essential oil to make up for the scent loss.

Self explanatory. Ha ha. Best I have found.

You guys, I bought this razor kit for my son for Christmas because I saw a lot of male models were using HARRY'S razors. They said the price for the quality couldn't be beat. It is because the company bought the blade making company in Germany, so it cuts out the middle man costs. He was raving about the shave so much, I bought one for myself! I gave him the shave gel that comes with it. When Sebastian uses the Harry's gel he doesn't have to use cologne; it smells that great. They have free shipping.

Of course I have to tell everyone I LOVE LUSH! We don't have a local store, so I have to mail order. I always get a good sized order when I get my tax return.
What is your "I can't live without" product?


  1. For Christmas this year I did a big order of Lush bath bombs. It's so much fun! I'll have to try the Burt's Bees lip balms. I have seriously dry skin and lips and am always using lip balms. I love the variety that Burt's Bees has and I'm glad to hear they're quality too though I wouldn't expect any different. I love every product I've tried from them. And now I'm super curious about Harry's shave kit. I think I'll have to look into that for my husband (and get one for myself!)

    1. The web mistress over at the Harry Potter site The Leaky Cauldron had a group there for fans of Lush products and that's how I found out about the company. I love the comforter scent. I used to use the bath bombs all the time, but for some reason I don't take baths much anymore. I should probably change that. :)

  2. I, too, am a Burt's Bees lip balm addict. I haven't tried their cuticle cream yet- that'll be on my list next time (I have super dry fingertips, despite copious lotions and potions). I also have a knock-off face brush- I love how clean it makes my skin feel.
    Thanks for the suggestions!
    ~Litha Nelle

    1. I love it when the knock off brands are just as good or better than the higher priced ones. If I am not near my cuticle balm I sometimes will just use the lip balm on my fingers, if my hands are clean. :)

  3. I can't even walk past a Lush store without my allergies flaring, unfortunately. I love Nutrimetics products (the US sister company is BeautiControl). The DNA creme is one of my favourite things, my skin has improved so much since using it. I love it so much I'm a consultant, so I use everything because I get a discount. I love the cleaning products as well, especially the OLC which can be used on your body, your floors, your car, your pets, your children and your fruit and veg.

    Great post! We don't have a lot of Burt's Bees stuff here, but I've heard great things about them.

    1. Sorry about the Lush store. I have red hair, so my skin is really sensitive and Lush products have never bothered me. I have a problem with allergies and walking in the mall in general because they use scent misters in front of some of the stores, like Abercrombie and Fitch. It is supposed to make you want to go into the store, but it keeps me away! :)

  4. I love Burts Bees too!! I found them on my first visit to the States in 2003 and I was peeved when I got home as I couldn't get it anywhere, thankfully a lot has changed and I can now get it from Amazon and a large department store, their stuff is great!

    I also love Bath and Body Works which we don't get over here, they have the best smelling perfume and shower gel.

    My case will be empty in September for my hol to Florida and my list will be long!!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. I like B&BW, too. We have one here in our mall, but everytime I find a fragrance I love, they seen to discontinue it. Ha! Do you bring an extra suitcase for your haul when you visit? :)


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