Friday, January 8, 2016


TFF is based on TOP TEN TUESDAY by The Broke and the Bookish. I always frown in a defeated manner when trying to come up with ten answers for TTT, so...


It's a new year and what comes with it?
1. Move from Blogger to WordPress. I think this is self explanatory for those who are on Blogger, or have been on Blogger. Hehe.
2. Work on posting to my Children's book blog and my Middle Grade blog more often, and integrating them into this blog more.
3. Get my backlog of blog reviews written and posted. Including the full series reviews of more popular books I have planned.
4. Start having guest posts and doing guest posts.
5. Finally get my blogversary post finished and listed with a great giveway.

What are some of your reading or blogging resolutions?


  1. I haven't really set up any, but if I did, the most important one would be to try and write reviews when finishing a book or soon after and not just keep on reading and then having like 6 pending reviews to write! Review backlog is one of my biggest problems all the time!

    1. I feel your pain! I have tons of reviews that need to be done and I only blog review 4 and 5 star books.:)

  2. Great goals! My main goal is just to read more this year. I started out really really good, but once I stopped commuting by bus to work, my reading fell off almost completely in the last 6 months. I just want to be more purposeful about making time to read.

  3. I was talking to Pili about how I listen to audio books on the bus. I can't read on moving vehicles, so I used to listen to music.


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