Friday, July 17, 2015


Seeing that I already have a TUESDAY feature, and always frown in a defeated manner about trying to come up with ten items for TOP TEN TUESDAY, I have decided to follow the TTT prompt on Fridays with FIVE answers.

Ha ha ha! As you can see my fickle little self has already changed my changed feature to TOP FIVE FRIDAY from TOP FOUR FRIDAY. I decided four was a little too lazy!

This week"s prompt was LAST TEN BOOKS ACQUIRED.

I am going to split them into FIVE physical books and FIVE books aquired on my Kindle. So... I guess in reality I am actually doing a TOP TEN. Hehe!


 by Jeff Hobbs
I requested an ARC of this title from the publisher about a year ago, and this finished softcover showed up on my doorstep on Monday. Thanks, Scribner.

MYSTIC CITY by Theo Lawrence
I traded for a hardcover with a hardcover of The Darkest Part of the Forest. I read this story forever ago from the library, but it is one of those most loved novels, and I am working on getting the entire trilogy in HC for my shelves!

by Angie Sage



I was a tad bit disturbed that The Magical Papers novella wasn't a squarish book like the others and DOES NOT MATCHY-MATCHY!

I am trying to get the entire seven books and the two novellas in hardcover (I hope The Darke Toad novella matches the size of TMP at least, geesh). I have FLYTE, QUESTE, DARKE, and FYRE from Book Outlet; and I just traded for PHYSICK yesterday. I think I am going to order MAGYK and SYREN from Book outlet tomorrow. I really shouldn't because I bought INKHEART in hardcover at Barnes and Noble, a couple of weeks ago, for $26.00 to complete our bookshelf trilogy!! Yikes! 


INKHEART should be included here before the Book Outlet books because I purchased it after the BO order arrived. We borrowed Inkheart from the library back when it first came out . My son didn't want to wait for the library to get the sequels, so we purchased them in hardcover the days they came out. Therefore, we didn't have Inkheart for the longest time. My son decided he was finally going to reread them this summer, so I had to buy it.


by Leah Bobet

Edelweiss eARC

Now, I requested this ARC because I adored ABOVE, the author's other YA novel. However, I find it amusing that she said she only wrote Above to prove that YA could be written intelligently, and that she was never going to write YA, ever again. Never say never, I guess. 

THE SIREN by MR Graham

Adult Science Fiction novella bought for 99 cents.

This is a foray into SciFi for the author of two of my favorite vampire books, THE MEDIUM and THE MORA (I love my Lenny). I loved it, and rated it FIVE STARS on Goodreads.

VICIOUS by V.E. Schwab

Bought as an ebook special for $2.99.

I fell in love with Victoria's writing after reading

SANDRIDER TodHunter Moon #2 by Angie Sage
A Septimus Heap World book

Edelweiss eARC

This continuation of the Septimus Heap story comes out in October, so I have 2.5 months to read Septimus Heaps 4-7, and the first book of this new series arc, PATHFINDER TodHunter Moon #1.

by Lisa Papademetrious

Edelweiss eARC

I was sucked in by the cover of this title and really have no clue as to what this book is about other than it is a Middle Grade and it has MAGIC in it. 

What were your last grabs?


  1. I tried to start the Septimus Heap series,but I wasn't overly fond of the first one. I adore Inkheart, I didn't love the second two books as much but it's still one of my favorite series.

    1. I loved the first two Heap books and the beginning of the third, but put it down to read other things because I got a tad bored. A couple of people have said the series picks up again, so I shall see. I mostly wanted them to have to read to my someday grandchildren. I like that they are not overly violent as a lot of new MG has been as if late. The second Inkheart was my favorite, and I did like that she tied up all the loose ends of the storyline at the end of the last book.

  2. This week I got three hardcovers and I have lost count of the Kindle books that I grabbed! =/


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