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Remember last month when I said that my Book Outlet order had arrived that day, but it was too dreary out to take decent pictures (if you can call any pics "decent" taken with the Kindle Fire camera, ha), and they would have to wait until this STS, well...

Three Septimus Heap books.
FLYTE BOOK #2 hardcover
QUESTE BOOK #4 hardcover
Three ORLEANS paperbacks.

The artwork on the Fairyland covers is GORGEOUS. I want them all! 

I was disturbed in a bookish way that the Septimus Heap novella, the Magical Papers, is not "squarish" like the series books, so no matchy-matchy. Boo Hiss. I hope the other novella, The Darke Toad matches this novella at least. I am starting to collect the Fairyland series in hardcover, also. I was offered both Fairyland #1 and S. Heap #3 for a trade and it was a hard decision, but as you will see farther down the post, I chose the Heap book because I started collecting them first. The three Orleans paperbacks are for giveaways.

Orleans paperback + assorted diversity swag!


INKHEART hardcover $26.00
My son and I borrowed this book from the library when they first shelved it in 2003, and read it. Sebastian loved the story so much he didn't want to wait for the library to get books two and three, so we bought them on the days they came out at B&N. I believe back then the hardcovers were about $12.99, ha ha! He has done zero pleasure reading since he started university in 2010, and has promised me every summer he was going to read. He said that he felt like re-reading the Inkheart trilogy, and HE was going to buy the first book in HC so we had all three. We went to B&N and they had to order it. When we went back to get it, he only had $22.00 on his debit card, SO I ENDED UP PAYING FOR IT! Guess what? He hasn't even cracked it open yet!

I requested this title as an ARC about a year ago, and last week a finished paperback showed up on my doorstep. SURPRISE! Thanks Scribner.

I won this in hardcover from Goodreads First Reads. It is an enchanting book about a little prince with Down Syndrome. I am going to send it to my new Kookies and Milk feature's five year old reviewer for a future K&M post.


PHYSIK Septimus Heap #3 hardcover
MYSTIC CITY hardcover

I wanted you all to see the cover. I adore it, which is odd because  I don't generally like covers with realistic looking people on them. I just ordered the second book TOXIC HEART in HC.

I can hardly wait to see  the  cover for the third book in the trilogy!

You can  peruse my Goodreads trading page, HERE.



GOOD MOURNING is a memoir, and behind the scenes look, at the goings on in a famous Upper East Side NYC funeral chapel. I saw this on the blog of one of my The Sunday Post feature buddy's TSP posts, and requested it right away. I was a huge fan of HBO's SIX FEET UNDER and also faithfully watched FAMILY PLOTS, an A&E Network reality show that was on in 2004, about a family owned funeral home, so I certainly think I will be entertained by this story.

Now, I requested this ARC because I adored ABOVE, the author Leah Bobet's other YA novel. However, I find it amusing that she said she only wrote Above to prove YA could be written intelligently, and she was never going to write YA, ever again. Never say never, I guess.

Okay, okay... so I thought this was THE FIXER when I requested it, but it sounds like it might be interesting, even though I don't usually gravitate towards Contemporary YA.


VICIOUS by V.E. Schwab
Bought as an ebook special for $2.99.
I fell in love with Victoria's writing after reading

Gah! No matter how hard I try I cannot make the html changes to do side by side images!

Two books by one of my favorite authors MR GRAHAM.

THE MEDIUM, my favorite vamp story about Lenny the stuttering vampire is only 99 cents as an ebook right now, so I snapped it up because I only have the physical ARC, and I want to re-read it.  It is part of a series. She also surprised me by publishing a Science Fiction novella THE SIREN, also just 99 cents. I am a Sci-Fi freak and I ate this story up. Both of these books received FIVE STAR ratings from me. 

What were your favorite grabs this month?


  1. I love Septimus Heap. Great haul! Hope you enjoy your books and have a great weekend.
    Diane @ Diane's Book Blog

    1. Thanks, I was going to buy the last two Heap books from Book Outlet this month, but after the Inkheart owie I changed my mind. I probably will get them next month if they still have them.

  2. Great haul! I've wanted to check out Mystic City for a while. I also have a copy of Vicious; it sounds amazing!
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

    1. I uploaded Viciouys to my Kindle a few days ago, but I have been in a reading slump. It will be the next book I start; no doubt!

  3. Yaaasss, the Septimus Heap and Inkheart series! I loved them as a child, still have copies. I also have An Inheritance of Ashes! I hope you enjoy all of your new books, Linda.

    Have a fabulous week :)

    Check out my STS post!

    1. Thank you I know I will most likely enjoy the Bobet book. I just wish she had a better attitude! Lol.

  4. Great haul! I read the synopsis for Mystic City and it sounds good. (I agree with you that the covers for the series are stunning!) I've just placed a hold on the first one at my library! I hope you enjoy your books :) Here's ours: Bibliojunkies ~ Bel

    1. I will, thanks! I will drop in to see your books shortly. :)

  5. Great haul!! I love books in hardcover so much!!

    1. I got Toxic Heart today in my Book Outlet order, so I will have to update my post. I also bought one of the last two Heap books I needed, and another ORLEANS PB. :)


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