Saturday, September 1, 2018

THE SNIDGET - Magical News - Back to Hogwarts


THE SNIDGET is a periodical bulletin from the magical world. There will be plenty of news about Hogwarts and the wizarding world, and other fantastical literary places. It will be dropped off in the library by Owl Post every first Saturday of the month.


September 1st is the day all young UK witches and wizards flock to Platform 9 3/4 and wave good-bye to their parents to be whisked away by train to Hogwarts. I am celebrating this year by starting my seventh reading of HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER'S STONE.

I am going to be listening to my Audible audiobook and following along in my illustrated edition. I haven't re-read Sorcerer's Stone in about thirteen years, so I'm excited!

What candy would you choose from the trolley?

A Chocolate Frog, or two, would be my choice.

We know that HOGWARTS is located in the wilds of Scotland somewhere, enchanted to protect it from curious muggle eyes. HERE is a gorgeous flyover video of of some of this wilderness.

Also, if you want to add some ambiance to your Back to Hogwarts Day, HERE is a Hogwarts castle grounds ambient soundtrack which you can customize to your liking!

And HERE is a sneak peek at all the newest LEGO Harry Potter world items.

There are talking sorting hats at Target for Halloween!

I have seen video of others that make an annoying clackity mechanical sound, which I loathe, this one doesn't appear to. Has anyone played with one in the store? Does it make a clicking mechanical sound?

The twentieth anniversary paperbacks have arrived!

Here they are in the COLLECTABLE BOX SET.

If you would like your magical news in a more timely manner apparate over to THE SNIDGET on Facebook.

Or grab some Floo Powder and visit the big potterhead Facebook fandom page I co-admin; which is geared towards tweens, teens, and young adults with memes and fangirling/boying type posts: HE CAN RUN FASTER THAN SEVERUS SNAPE CONFRONTED WITH SHAMPOO.

What magical candies would you choose from the trolley?

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