Sunday, September 30, 2018

LOOKING FORWARD - October 2018 - Buddy Reads. Bookstagram. Bartimaeus.


Now that I am only posting a wrap-up every two weeks it became apparent that I needed a monthly preview post!

Every year I have a Halloween reading theme for October. In the past I have had Vampires and Zombies. This year it's DEMONS!

There are two other books on my demon Goodreads shelf, but I also have a couple of review ARCs that need to be read, so I'm not going to be more ambitious than these six. THE COMPLETE BOOK OF DEVILS AND DEMONS is a Nonfiction book about the history of demons in world cultures. I also have the sequel to The Exorcist and both Rosemary's Baby titles shelved, a new to me author I found on a IF YOU LIKE HARRY POTTER LIST, and of course the second Bartimaeus book, THE GOLEM'S EYE, for Annemieke's FIFTEEN YEARS OF BARTIMAEUS READ-ALONG on A DANCE WITH BOOKS.

I am also going to try a daily Bookstagram challenge again. Ha ha. I failed miserably at the first two I tried, sorry Stacee, but I love taking spooky book photos... so I should be okay. You can join the fun: HERE.


I am doing two buddy reads: one with my son for our annual Vonnegut's Birthday Celebration, and a re-read of The Hobbit with Greg, from BOOK HAVEN.

This will be my third year partcipating. If you are interested you can find the Facebook group: HERE.

I have never read REBECCA, and I have had it on my Kindle forever and a day. These read-alongs have been great for me this year to get me to read books that have been gathering dust on my TBR. You can find out more about it: HERE.

And of course I'll be continuing on with Annemieke from A DANCE WITH BOOKS and her BARTIMAEUS SERIES read-along. We will be reading the third book, PTOLEMY'S GATE.

Do you have any Halloween reads planned?
Do you like read-alongs?

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