Saturday, January 27, 2018


As you know, last year I joined in with the lovely Katherine from I WISH I LIVED IN A LIBRARY on her 52 Pins in 52 Weeks feature. However, completing one pin a week and getting decent photos was a bit too much for this social media loving bird, so this year my goal is to attempt one recipe a month and show you one thing I have recently pinned. There will also be a craft or a project, but I will be completing those over more than one post. This will still be my last Saturday of the month post. Wish me luck!

I made chickpea bugers last year and they tasted pretty good, so I decided to try vegetarian chickpea meatballs. There are hundreds and hundreds of recipes on Pinterest for these, so I just blindly picked one...

There is no photo because they fell apart, well no... disintegrated is a better description. Heh heh. The mixture for the burgers I made held together fine, so I am going to try and make meatballs with that recipe this next week. Hopefully they will be photogenic! I haven't had time to chose the recipe for next month, but it will probably be something Irish in case you want to try it out for St. Patrick's Day in March. I wish I had thought about that, and Valentines Day, for this post.

This was an image on Pinterest with no instructional or originating link. I want to start making bookmarks to use as giveaways. My Amazon/Better World Books GC giveaways seem to fall flat, so I thought I would try handcrafted items. I will still be doing the $5.00 Amazon egift card on my The Monthly Mosh posts, on first Saturdays, so keep an eye out for that next week.
Maybe I'll make some heartshaped bookmarks for Valentine's Day. They will be red though, I loathe pink. 

I will be looking at some of the ice pop recipes I have pinned for next month because I was sent 50 ice pop making bags for review here on the blog...
Ha ha. I guess they must have seen my paleta maker review on Amazon. My reviewer username is La La in the Library. They may also have Googled popsicle makers because I have talked about mine and added the link here a few times. The email they sent made the bags sound like they were reusable, but they are not. However, if I can figure out an easy way to wash them thoroughly I am going to try! I was sent a review request for a Bluetooth speaker awhile back, too, but they wanted a "verified purchase" review on Amazon, so they wanted me to buy it and said they would reimburse my money, but I didn't trust them. Has anyone else gotten product review requests? Were you asked to purchase the item?

What have you cooked, crafted, or pinned lately?

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