Friday, January 5, 2018


I needed a quick regular third post a week, so I copied off Greg's paper, ha ha, and am posting interesting covers on Fridays. Drop by and give his cover a peek over on BOOK HAVEN.

My intention was to start out the new year with my idea for the first Cover Conversations each month being photographs of books I own that I love, but there have been no sunny days for photography. Hopefully that post will be up next week.


I went to Netgalley to look for a sequel to a book that should be turning up soon and I saw this and loved it! It is a Middle Grade about a twelve year old who wants to be a stand-up comedian. I had to wish it because at that age I too wanted to be a stand-up comedian. Ha ha! It doesn't publish until September.

*I also wish that authors and publishers knew the importance of providing HD covers on Goodreads so they can be blown up for blog use and not lose their sharpness. This one is a tad fuzzy at this size.
This cover art grabbed me, does it grab you? How do you think it fits as a Middle Grade cover?

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