Friday, January 26, 2018



I needed a quick regular third post a week, so I copied off Greg's paper, ha ha, and am posting interesting covers on Fridays. Drop by and give his cover a peek over on BOOK HAVEN.

This is one of my Netgalley ARCs and the cover is what made me stop and read the summary. I'm not big on memoirs, although I will say most of the last few I have read have been fab, so it did its work well. Noticing the image within the image was what made me want to read what it was about. I think the bold patch of red is what stopped my swiping, though.

Again, when I do reviews, cover reveals, and of course this cover feature, I like to blow the image up big for full impact and am disappointed when the author and/or publisher does not supply a large HD image. This was the case with this cover. The publisher's website image had even less resolution than Goodread's. It's ridiculous.

Would this cover have stopped your swiping finger?

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