Tuesday, January 23, 2018


TELL ME TUESDAY is a floating feature, depending on your reading style, where you tell us what you read last, what you are reading now, what you will be reading next from your tbr pile, and why. I am curious why people read what they read, so tell me!

Joining us this week...
Jolene from JO'S BOOK BLOG
Stop by and have a look at their latest grabs and tell them yours!


*This week's post is going to be quick and super informal because I am as sick as a dog...

Annemieke from A DANCE WITH BOOKS and I buddy read this. It counts towards my Beat the Backlist Challenge and the Better World Books Challenge!

This is my current review ARC and I am loving it. The Kindles don't show percentages on the For You screens for documents, but I am about 75% finished. I would like to finish it tonight.

Baz and I are still buddy reading and we have managed to keep pretty much even because I have also been reading review books, and he only reads at work. I dropped out of the Vintage Sci-Fi Read-a-Long (as did others) because the Twitter group chat was too confining. The moderator was on the anal retentive side. You had to stick one molecules width to her topic or she got miffed. I am not so sure a Twitter DM group was the best platform for that type of discussion. A closed Facebook group would have been better. Then she could have had more than one topic thread going and we could have asked our own questions, too.

This is an ancient review ARC from Edelweiss and it is at the top of my TBR because it stands out like a sore thumb on my EW reviewed list smack dab in the middle all by itself. It makes my eye twitch. Ha ha. I don't have another review ARC due until February 3rd, so I thought I would get this read now. If you are curious what my ARC (and backlist) pile looks like at the moment, I updated my arc-poca-lypse page: HERE.

*If you haven't heard URSULA LE GUIN has passed away. R.I.P.
What are you reading? Tell me!

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