Wednesday, July 6, 2016


I link up with WAITING ON WEDNESDAY, hosted by Breaking the Spine, on the first Wednesday of every month and show you two books I am highly anticipating!

I adored the first book in this trilogy, QUEEN OF THE TEARLING, even though I wanted to hate it after all the nonsense surrounding this debut author's seven figure advance, and movie insta-deal with Emma Watson tucked in the pocket. It ended up being my top book for 2014. If you decide to read QOtT make sure you push through the beastly long first two chapters. They are a bit of an info dump, but once the MC gets to the castle the story takes off and you will fully appreciate the first two chapters in hindsight.
I wish I could say the same for the second book, INVASION OF THE TEARLING, but bleh. The author decided to start telling the backstory with a separate dystopic tale that boardered on pulp fiction. It was sprinkled throughout the book and I think if there was a word count done for each story it would be nearly 50/50.  Just to be fair, there were readers who loved the second book because of the way the backstory was done, so don't let my opinion of the story deter you from starting or finishing the trilogy. I rated it three stars and that is still a good book on my rating scale.

So I am waiting to see if the Dystopian storyline is wrapped up early on in FOtT, so we can get back to a full High Fantasy. My fingers are crossed.

The countdown has begun for the release of the "eighth Harry Potter book" on July 31st; which is also Harry's and JKR's birthday. Unless you have been hiding under a rock, or vacationing in Timbuktu for an extended period of time, you know this is the script to the play and not a story written in prose. 
There will be big midnight release parties at Barnes and Nobles just like in the old days.
I have managed to stay spoiler-free and will probably be ordering the ebook and foregoing the mania at B&N this time. I went to all of the previous midnight drop festivities and the last time, for Deathly Hallows, we couldn't even get in! My sister, my three nephews, my son, and I reveled in the parking lot until midnight and then we went to our favorite 24-hour grocery store and bought our copies. There was even a display table with free commemorative bookmarks and a basket of silicone Hogwarts houses bracelets, so all was not lost. I think my son and his girlfriend are going to this one, but I am not sure.
My son, his girlfriend, and two Potterhead bloggers I am friends with have read the plot summaries from people who went to see the play in London, and I am sorry to say they all said it sounds like a bad fanfic. Although that has dampened my excitement some, I still want to read it.
JKR is also releasing this in November...
It is the screenplay to the movie. You can read about it on MENTAL_FLOSS.
At first this book was rumored to be an expanded hardcover encylopedia including many more magical beasts. I am disappointed that it isn't. I would rather have had that content.

What are you waiting on?

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