Tuesday, July 26, 2016


I have been doing this wonderful read-a-long, hosted by PAGES UNBOUND REVIEWS, for the last month and enjoying myself immensely!

*NOTE: The updates I have been adding to my read-a-long page over the last three weeks are all gone. When I hit "revert to draft" to add this week's questions, everything but the post title disappeared!

1. What do you think of Anne’s competitive spirit studying for and then getting into Queen’s?  Were you expecting her to do so well academically?  I think she was trying to prove that she was not only smarter than Gilbert, but better than her standing as an orphan; and also believe she was motivated a bit with wanting to show girls can be just as smart and/or smarter than boys. I remember I was expecting her to do well, although I didn't know if she would be first.

2. How did you feel about Matthew’s death? Do you think this was foreshadowed? I don't remember what I thought the first time I read it, but I do remember I was not surprised. I can almost say it is foreshadowed from the very beginning because of wanting to take in an orphan to help him with the farm chores because of his health, and then Anne shows up. I did however scratch my head at that one because here in the US a girl would have been expected to do more farm chores than she did even being a girl. I think it is set up to show that Ann was much more valuable for what she added to Matthew's quality of life than any boy who helped out with the heavy work and added to the length of his life.

3. Did you get the resolution between Anne and Gilbert that you were hoping for? Yes, I think I was always expecting it. Although as a reread from thirty years ago, I would not quote that. Heh heh.

4. What do you think about the plan to sell Green Gables? My feelings are the same as Anne's, although I do understand the practical "necessity" of it in Marilla's mind.

5. Overall, how did you like the book? Do you have any plans to read the rest of the stories, or more books by Montgomery after this? I know I loved it more than the first time I read it, so I will say this time I loved and adored it. I think because of my age I appreciated the "stop and smell the roses" elements more. Having raised a son, and done some parenting of my own since my original read, added to my enjoyment of the story this time, too. I have the Anne ebook bundle so I have already started Anne of Avonlea. Ha ha. I plan to continue reading the rest of the books. Past the third book will be first time reads for me. I think I might do a personal challenge of reading the other Montgomery books next year!

You can see Briana's, from PAGES UNBOUND REVIEWS, answers: HERE.

Next week is the read-a-long wrap up and if I don't find someone who hasn't trashed their email of the updates, I will answer all of the questions again for that post.
Have read any of Montgomery's other stories?

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