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TELL ME TUESDAY is a floating feature depending on your reading style, where you tell us what you read last, what you are reading now, what you will be reading in the future from your tbr pile, and why. I am oh so curious why people read what they read. So tell me!

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Again, I did not play well with this this one. Are the SHADES OF MAGIC books going to be the only Schwab I love and adore? When authors write superpowers stories don't they have to give at least a basic set of rules for the powers and follow them? Like you do for magical systems? We would be given some semblance of why and how and then poof;  the things could be and do anything the storyline needed to move forward, rules be damned. And the coincidences, ugh, you know how I hate those.

As you all know I am doing a read-a-long for this book. I read the first three Anne books 33 years ago! I am loving my re-read so much I set aside NEVERNIGHT and didn't start LUCKY STRIKES. I am glad I decided to sign up because I had forgotten so many delicious details from the story. You can join the activities and link-up at any time during the read, and you don't have to be doing the read-a-long to participate if you have already read the book. Click the book cover at the top of my sidebar for my progress page and the link to the schedule and linky. Please join us!

I almost DNFed this book because people had it listed as YA on Goodreads and the first scene was explicit sex! Thank goodness I was doing a buddy read with three other people and they said, noooooooooooo... that it was promoted at BEA as Adult Fantasy. Phew. I commented on this on my Goodreads listing and some numbskull said they were pushing it as Young Adult because Kristoff's fanbase is YA readers, and if it isn't promoted as YA it won't sell as much. Then they informed me it is a "business thing", like I was stupid. I replied that parents use the YA classification as a gauge to whether a story is appropriate for that age group, and I would be appalled if a parent handed this to a 12-16 year old because they thought it was YA. I also added that I think being appropriate is much more important to this author than making more money. One of the buddy readers has a thirteen year old and she said that the language and graphic violence later in the book are not appropriate either.  I bowed out of the buddy read because they all blew past me and I didn't want to keep them from discussing spoilers. Once I started Anne Of Green Gables it was all I wanted to read. I was loving this book as ADULT FANTASY, by the way.

I have been seeing review links for this book popping up on Twitter the last few days, and I promise to start it tonight! I am ahead of myself on the Anne read-a-long, so it will be no problem now.

What are you reading? Please tell me!

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