Wednesday, March 6, 2019

WEDNESDAY WHATNOT - Waiting On. Wanting to Read. Wishing For.March 2019 Edition


I'll be linking up with BOOKS FROM THE BACKLOG on Thursday, for books I've been meaning to read, and CAN'T-WAIT WEDNESDAY for my waiting-ons and wishing-fors.

*My apologies for Blogger's wonky spacing today. Ugh.

I loved this story and was thrilled when I saw the pic below posted by the author on Instagram...

Oh no! It was supposed to come out in September, but Goodreads now says January 2020! I was going to say I was waiting on the cover art, but now I guess I am also waiting on the book. Boo hiss.

I've been needing wanting to read this backlist ARC for nearly two years... YIKES! It published in August of 2017 and I'm sure I got it from Netgalley at least three months before. Initially the cover caught my attention and then a "forbidden forest", "living rock", and a "profound friendship" were mentioned in the summary and it drove the car right into the garage. Ha ha. It is Adult Fiction and I remember at that time I was trying to tip the scales away from YA and more towards more mature In nature reading. It's a woman author, so I could read it this month, but do I have the time?

i've been wishing for my own wand for a long time now. My Hermione wand from The Noble Collection is pretty beat up because my son wouldn't let my nephews use his Ron and Harry wands when they played Hogwarts, so mine was the default wand. It's cracked and the metal core is showing at the tip. It's been demoted to a back scratcher on my bedside table. Ha ha. I have wanted a wand that was mine (not a copy of one of the book characters) for a long time, but the custom made ones are too pricey. Then I saw this video...

At 15:15 she unboxes a wand from the GeekGear subscription service; which they now have separate from their monthly Hogwarts house boxes and Harry Potter wearables boxes, and I gasped, yes, I thought... I want that wand! Now, the other box items appear to be available for purchase singly after the fact, so I thought the wands would be, too, but I CANNOT FIND IT! *weeps unabashedly*

What makes things even more difficult is GeekGear is calling their wands "Noble Wands", so when I Google I get mostly Noble Collection wands and there is no connection. I wonder how they are getting away with this?

Anyway, in searching for the March GeekGear wand, I came across the Etsy shop BETTER TOGETHER CREATE and their wands (see top photo). They are somewhat customizable because you can pick a color...

I seriously want black.
And if it has a marble in it you can choose from thirty different versions.

I want "Z" the speckled red/purple (hair color/favorite color).

The hook... they are only $11.50 with $4 shipping!
If my wand ends up being decent for that price I am going to have one be my giveaway prize for Back to Hogwarts Day. You'll get to choose your own! If you end up ordering from them before September 1st, let them know you saw their wands here, and maybe they'll give me free shipping on the giveaway wand.
Which wand would you choose?

I would still love the raven wand from GeekGear, so if any of you stumble upon it for aftermarket sale, or find out how to order one, please let me know.

What are you waiting on?

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