Sunday, March 31, 2019


Welcome to the first KONDO MY KINDLE! On my last BOOK JACKET post I was looking for a book for THE COVER MADE ME DO IT section, so I scrolled down all the way to the bottom of my Kindle library to see what some of the first freebie and 99¢ books I bought, basically because of the covers, were from 2013. I was a wee bit shocked by how many there were. I have a GOODREADS SHELF for all my unread freebies and less than a dollar Fiction ebook finds, but not all of those Kindle books are on there yet, and there's already 247 shelved! I have to start reading them and saving, or DNFing and dumping them out.

I read the very first freebie Fiction I put on my Kindle in 2013 and the story did not spark joy. Buh-bye.

Other ebooks I need to read and purge or organize are self-help books and slow cooker/crockpot books. I hate my slow cooker and use the pretty white inserts only as serving bowls. Ha ha. Maybe if I start perusing the cookbooks I'll find some recipes I like.

I have fifty-six!

And then there are the books that had cover updates. Yikes!

Romance warning! *flashing lights and sirens* Romance warning!
Not to mention all the covers which now have girls in fancy gowns or flowing nightdresses. It's just not my thing. To be continued...

 Do you ever tidy up your Kindle library?

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