Thursday, March 14, 2019



Welcome to my first FURS-DAY FEATURE hosted by my Dog Days of Summer Celebration co-host, Jolene, from JO'S BOOK BLOG. This is a random post feature, but mine will be monthly on the second Thursday of each month. It is a place to talk about books with animals in them, and other beastie things!

Barb from BOOKER T'S FARM held her annual THEY CALL IT PUPPY LOVE READING CHALLENGE in February and because I was reading all Black women authors for Black History Month I didn't think I could find any books with dogs or cats in them, but... I had forgotten about two ARCs I had to read and review, RUBY IN THE SKY and RAYNE AND DELILAH'S MIDNITE MATINEE, and there were unexpected dogs in GOLDEN CHILD, another ARC I had for review, that were prominent in the plot. There were also dog cameos in three other books I read! Keep her challenge in mind for next February because she always has a fab giveaway.

TOR.COM published an interesting article about 8 VERY GOOD TIME TRAVELING DOGGOS, which includes Ananda from one of my favorite books in the A WRINKLE IN TIME QUINTET.

April from ANIMAL ADVENTURE PARK is getting ready to birth another calf any day now! And yes, I have been watching, ha ha. You can view the live stream cam: HERE. The park is only fifteen minutes away from me but I never got over to see the first and most famous baby, Tajiri. He was supposed to be transferred to another park last year, but the outcry from his fans was monumental so they banded together to raise money for a new barn for Taj, so he could remain at the park, and also accommodate his recently acquired companion, Johari. You can watch his live stream: HERE. All profits made from AAP giraffe merchandise, text alerts, and naming contests go to the GIRAFFE CONSERVATION FOUNDATION, and AVA'S LITTLE HEROES which helps parents with unexpected medical expenses for seriously ill children. 
April had her baby, and I MISSED IT AGAIN! HERE is the new baby stream. They don't have the birth archive video up yet, but when they do I'll make susu to add the link!

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