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The book blogging community can really suck sometimes. Some bloggers are so self-consumed and wrapped up in their own "stuff" that they end up inflicting the same kind of hurt, they complain about receiving, on others. The thought that someone who knows me as a blogger would think I would be intentionally cruel, and after I explained my comment was a complement in a reply, twist it to make it seem like I was just trying to cover up the real derogatory meaning of my original comment, killed me inside. I got the feeling they wanted me to apologize, and after that my mind started winding up and making me second guess about how many people think I am fake nice and evil underneath. It hasn't been a very nice head space to be in this week. I was trying to suck-it-up and be Miss Happy Book Blogger, but when my blog post reminder notification, for my Sunday Synopsis, chimed yesterday, and I realized I had been so out of it, not being able to sleep and then taking two weird long naps, that I lost an entire day (I thought yesterday was Friday), I burst into tears. I have always been an encourager, or at least I thought so. I even cut down to two posts a week so I could have more time to read posts and comment on other blogs. At this point I don't know. What I do want to say is there are a lot of bloggers I know who are going through, or have gone through, just as awful things, and sometimes even worse, than the regular public complainers. Just because a blogger isn't constantly telling everyone their current mental/physical state on their blogs, or on Twitter, doesn't mean they are 100% and their life is not a struggle. In fact I find many times the ones who are suffering the most mention those things the least. That's why all of those posts were circulating after Anthony Bourdain's passing to also check on your (seemingly) strong friends, too. I guess what I'm trying to say is not everyone publicly shares their "issues" and you might be being s#itty to someone, or demanding extra attention from someone (as in alluding to wanting an apology), who has more, or worse, problems than you do.

If a person is in that bad of a head space, that they automatically think a compliment is a dis, and have to twist things around to continue to make it seem negative, they should stay off social media. Others aren't here to see to their mental health needs at the expense of their own.

Anyway, that is why there was no third post this week. I also didn't have it in me to take any photos for Instagram, yet the person who affected me is happily blogging and Bookstagramming. They are probably tweeting, too, but I wouldn't know because they unfriended me on all three of my accounts (personal, music, book blog) and they have a closed account. They also unfriended me on Goodreads. They hadn't unfriended me on IG yet and I wish that I had had the guts to comment, "Eff you for leaving me mentally unable to blog while you are happily blogging and social media-ing away." It's a good thing I wasn't that brave because I'm sure I would have been portrayed as the bad guy again.

Finally this year I have a decent photo scanner, the scanner on our printer is terrible, and I was excited to be able to copy and post pictures of my dad, and also my son with his paternal great grandfather, to post to Facebook for Father's Day for the first time, but thanks to that blogger, I also had no motivation to look through the photo totes. 

Luckily I had these articles already saved to the draft, or this post would have been all...
I'm sorry, you guys.

TOWN AND COUNTRY TELLS US: Who Was On the Balcony for the Queen's Birthday Trooping of Colours. It was a who's who of some of the lesser known British monarchy.

THE NEW YORK TIMES TELLS US: Why Trying To Be Less Awkward Never Works.

 I'm going to be cutting down to just one regular post a week. I might try a monthly Sunday post like Annemieke does, I might not. I might quit all together.


to all the primo dads out there!

Have a bright new week!

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