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I joined Kimba's giveaway hop: HERE. I am going to be giving away a choice between a hardcover of Illuminae, or a dually signed hardcover of The Iron Trial.
Speaking of giveaways, I forgot to mention last Sunday that Kristen, from MOONLIGHT & METAPHORS, won my blogversary giveaway. Congratulations!

As you can see the blog was in limbo after Tuesday. The first two days after the election I could barely function. All I wanted to do was cry and sleep. At first I was planning on saying something here on The Sunday Post, but after the assaults on Muslims, women, people of color, and LGBTQ folk started; and the KKK began walking around in North Carolina intimidating people, I felt it needed a full blog post. I tried starting a Saturday Evening Conversations post about it, but things are still too raw and I am in a very dark place.
For now I will leave you with Becky Albertalli, author of Simon Vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda's
Facebook post. It expresses my sentiments exactly. Just substitute my light skinned biracial son for her blond haired Jewish sons.

So, the unthinkable just happened. I'm terrified and heartbroken and furious, and I've never been more ashamed of my country.

Muslim friends, Latinx friends, black friends, disabled friends, POC friends, LGBTQIAP+ friends, and fellow Jews and women: I am here for you. I love you. I'm not done fighting for you. 

To my friends who have been speaking passionately and filming videos and making calls and pouring their hearts out on social media to prevent this - for my friends who voted to prevent this - thank you. 

To my longtime Libertarian friend in Georgia who voted for Clinton instead of Johnson, thank you especially. That was truly selfless, and I will never forget that you made that choice.


To those of you on my feed who voted for Donald Trump, here's what I know about you. Either:

You are racist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic, anti-Semitic, misogynistic, and full of hate.


You've decided you can live with racism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, misogyny, and hate. 

And as a Jew, I now understand that you would have stood aside while they rounded up my family - including my two little blond boys (because, guess what? They're Jewish enough). And when I say you would have stood aside, I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe your participation wouldn't have been so passive.

This isn't a political disagreement. This is you making a choice that mirrors the choices made in Nazi Germany. This is you voting for a man endorsed by the KKK. This is you voting for a man who has literally admitted to sexually assaulting women. This is you voting for a man who campaigned on the promise of deporting many of my dearest friends. 

Unfriend me now. 

And to you, who didn't vote, who wrote in Bernie or Harambe, who voted third party in a swing state yesterday: I hold you equally responsible. 

You did it because of your philosophical principles. You did it because you had a bad gut feeling about Hillary Clinton (examine your sexism). You did it because you associate her with Obama and you dislike Obama (examine your racism). You did it because you felt the two major party candidates were equally bad options (examine your common sense). You did it because you felt some issue - maybe economic policy, maybe government regulation - was the most important thing at stake in yesterday's election.

In other words, you decided you can live with racism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, misogyny, and hate. You understood the threat Trump poses to so many of us, and you just didn't care enough. 

I see you. Childhood friends, I see you. People I went to school with, I see you. And most disappointingly of all, some of you are my readers. 

You didn't care enough. Period. 

Don't you dare come into my comments arguing about Hillary Clinton's flaws or how the Democrats brought this upon themselves. I will delete your comment and unfriend you. I am done wasting my time on you.

You hurt people. You are complicit. Sit with that.

Learn empathy. Read more books. My friends and I will keep writing them, in hopes that one day you'll care enough.

Onward and upward, friends. Let's keep fighting." -  Becky Albertelli

I saw this on Laura's blog FUONLYKNEW. It is only 99¢.

I have my Yuletide reading now. It was 99¢, but it is back up to $5.99.

It was free, but now it is $1.00.

My buddy Elizabeth from SO LONG... & THANKS FOR ALL THE FISH talks about this author a lot, and I have intended to read something of Pierce's, so when I saw this for $1.99 I scooped it up. It is still $1.99 at the time of this posting.

I have wanted to read this for a while now, so when I saw it on sale I grabbed it. It is still $1.99.


Elizabeth from SO LONG... & THANKS FOR ALL THE FISH was thinking about me when she was at a book festival and got me this Pratchett paperback (I am going to be collecting the Discworld books in PB, all but the Tiffany Aching arc which I want in HC), and...
Gifts for just because are wonderful. Thank you, Elizabeth!

Jolene from JO'S BOOK BLOG is having a Twitter GIVEAWAY for an ARC of BLOOD BY BLOOD: HERE.

I only watch two booktubers and Amber from THE MILE LONG BOOKSHELF is one of them. She and other booktubers noticed that YouTube has unfollowed a lot of people from their video blogs recently, so if you like booktube videos check her's out and give her a follow: HERE.

Faithful by Alice Hoffman


I promise this time. I think!

The New Hate Culture



Have a peaceful week.

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