Saturday, December 22, 2018

2019 READING CHALLENGES - Introductions


I am going to go for the whole shebang and try for Dragon Alien Robot! Someone should write a book about a Dragon Alien Robot. Ha ha. What's wonderful about Annemieke's challenge is that she has tons of example titles if you get stuck on a category, and... THERE ARE BINGO CARDS!

What I like about this challenge is it's once a month prompts that you can do at any point in the month, and the post doesn't need to be about books. It can be a recipe, photo, personal story, memory... ANYTHING!

January - First
February - Pink
March - Luck
April - Sweet
May - Bloom
June - Risk
July - Heat
August - Sky
September- Crunch
October - Shiver
November - Thankful
December - Twinkle

I am going to strive for ELEMENTAL WITCH with 11-15 retellings read. And... THERE'S ANOTHER BINGO CARD!

At the last minute I have decided to do the Book Riot challenge, even though they have me blocked from their Facebook page, ha ha! I have been wanting to tackle it for the last couple of years and it looks like it will mesh well with my other challenges this new year.

Yes, I added another one. Yikes!

Every year since I put up my NEWBERY AWARD READING CHALLENGE page, I have vowed that I was going to read one Newbery book a month and that has never happened. I swear this year will be different. Ha ha.

I did really well reading backlist books inspired by the BEAT THE BACKLIST CHALLENGE this year, but the system for adding points for teams was confusing to me, and the mini-challenges always seemed to fall apart, so I am going rogue in 2019 and will be keeping my own running total in my monthly reading wrap-ups, striving for at least one backlist ARC/review book and one personal backlist book a month. I would love to get my Netgalley ratio to 100%. Even if it is just for one day. I will screenshot that baby!

I also want to read one self-help or lifestyle book every month, and one Nonfiction biography/memoir or science/history book.

Bloggers choosing a focus word for the new year, instead of making resolutions, has become popular so I'm going to choose...

 I am officially retiring on January first and I want to do this across the board: the blog, my wardrobe, my diet, my daily routines, my monthly schedule, and my living environment; so be prepared for a lot of those Nonfiction books being about de-cluttering, clean diets, minimalist living, meditation, walking for fitness, and weekly planners (instead of bullet journaling, which I never had the time to do). Now, I'm not going to be a rabid fanatic with these ideas, but I think the concepts will help calm my mind and body and make my activities more productive.
Tell me some of your reading goals for 2019!

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