Thursday, April 25, 2019



FURS-DAY FEATURE is hosted by my Dog Days of Summer Celebration co-host, Jolene, from JO'S BOOK BLOG. This is a random post feature, but mine will be monthly on the fourth Thursday of each month. It's a place to talk about books with animals in them, and other beastie things!

As many of you know I live only fifteen minutes away from April the giraffe at ANIMAL ADVENTURE PARK. A lot of people are familiar with April, her mate Oliver, their first son Tajiri and his new mate, Johari, and the newest member of April's family born last month... little "zoomer" Azizi, but what about park owner Jordan Patch and his family?

In addition to the children's charity, AVA'S LITTLE HEROES, Jordan's family administrates, which helps parents of seriously ill kids with medical expenses, and several wildlife conservation organizations the zoo supports, Jordan and Animal Adventure Park sponsor our area's Pick a Reading Partner program!
The program was originally called Parents As Reading Partners, but was re-framed to include other family members, caregivers, and mentors to give more kids a chance to participate. You can see a bit of the PARP presentation Jordan does at area schools: HERE.

Did you do any furry reading this month?

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