Monday, July 30, 2018

DOG DAYS OF SUMMER DOG TAGS 2018 - Robots and Magical Beasts

You can do both of these tags if you wish, and last year's general tag (if you didn't do it last year), or any combination of the three for entries into the $12 international gift card giveaway linky next month. Have fun!


1. Have you ever watched a movie, television show, or read a book with a robot dog character?

2. If you could only afford one canine robot would you chose a small and smart companion, or a large loyal machine that could help you with heavy work and guard your home? Why?

3. If you were going to order a companion doggo-droid what are three things you would want to make sure it was programmed to do? For example: converse, play soccer, do tricks, fetch, warm your feet, make coffee...

4. Would you prefer your K9 bot look like a machine, or be padded and covered in fake fur to look like the real thing?

5. Would you order your dogbot to look like any specific breed?

6. What would you name your droid friend? Why?

7. If you wrote a Science Fiction story with a doggo-droid main character what would the premise be and what title would you have in mind?

8. If you, in reality, could own a canine robot would you? Why or why not?


1. Who is your favorite magical or Fantasy genre dog? It can be from a movie, television show, or book. Why?

2. Would you rather have a canine familiar, or be able to shape-shift into a dog? Why?

3. If you had a dog familiar, daemon, or were an animagus and changed into dog form, what combination of breeds would it be? It has to be a mix because the tag says magical mutt, ha ha! Why would you choose them?

4. What would your familiar's, daemon's, or your dog form's name be?

5. If you had a magical dog what three powers would be important for them to have? For example: speech, invisibility, finding lost objects, levitation, changing into another animal. Why?

6. If your magical dog could talk what accent would it have, if any?

7. If your fantasy dog had one odd magical habit (ex: making the water disappear from the tub at bathtime), or wore some strange talisman on its collar (ex: a vial of wolf blood to help them run faster), what would it be?

8. If you were going to write a Fantasy story with a canine main character what would the premise be and what title would you have in mind?

Here is the graphic for last year's DDOS tag and you can find the questions: HERE.


If you do this tag, but are not entering the linky contest, please leave your link in the comments so Jo and I can vist you!

All dog post entries on the linky need to to be linked back to either this tag post or MY DDOS INTRODUCTION POST or JO'S DDOS INTRODUCTION POST to be valid. I will be putting the giveaway linky up on the 7th of August and it will be open until the 7th of September so you have time to link your dog book reviews.

 I hope you will join us!

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