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THAT'S PINTERESTING! - February 2018

As you know, last year I joined in with the lovely Katherine from I WISH I LIVED IN A LIBRARY with her 52 Pins in 52 Weeks feature. However, completing one pin a week and getting decent photos was a bit too much for this social media loving bird, so this year my goal is to attempt one recipe a month and show you one thing I have pinned. There will also be a craft or a project, but I will be completing those over more than one post. This will still be my last Saturday of the month post. Wish me luck!
*NOTE: The links are all blog links from the original pins.

Did I do LAST MONTH's pin, no, ha ha, so I am already behind and will be doubling up to catch up next month, but... here's is a pin I did last year that didn't make it into a 52 Pins post.
*The above tutorial is not the one I used, but the link was broken on the image instructions I pinned.

The Ex grew up in a house with no antiques, and even worse they were a "just buy a new one" type family. While we were still dating he broke a Tiffany-style lamp I had, and his fix was he would buy me another one, but he didn't understand that it was 80 years old and a ultra-find at a garage sale. I had purchased it for $25.00 and it was appraised at around $375.00! Anyway, by the time he left, most of my antiques had damage to them in one way or another. Now, I'm not going to blame him 100% because my son caused some, but he gets a reprieve for being a reckless child. The most common damage was water rings. Someday I hope to have enough extra money to have the tops of all of my antiques refinished, but until then... tricks like this will have to do.
This is the top of my antique highboy dresser. I usually have a dresser scarf on it covering the water mark. This was a particularly nasty water ring. The pin I had originally followed said let the mayo set 1-12 hours, so I randomly chose four. It takes away the white, as you can see because I only treated half of the mark, but the ring is still noticeable because it turns a darker color than the undamaged wood. I have since seen a pin saying to use olive oil and toothpaste, so I will test that out, too. I'll have to do another mark because I did treat the other side of this one. I still cover it up, but I put my fancy Metropolitan Museum of Art journal, I found on Book Outlet, over it. Bah.

I did cut out the felt shapes for my FELT BOOKMARKS crafting, so that project is semi on track! Hopefully there will be in process photos next month. I am still fighting with sunless winter days. I finally purchased new bookshelves, so a soft box light is my next "fun budget" purchase. After that I won't have any more excuses. Ha ha.

I pinned some Irish recipes for St. Patrick's Day. I make a traditional boiled dinner every year, well... with turkey ham, ha ha. My son still eats poultry and I am kind of a bad pescetarian because even though I don't eat the turkey ham chunks, just the fact that I eat the veggies which have cooked in the same pot is cheating. Anyway, I used to buy our soda bread from a local grocery store that makes it well, but it has raisins in it and Baz won't eat it. I used to pick them out for him, but yeah, he's too old for that now. I tried three years in a row to make it myself without raisins, but failed miserably every time. My grandmother was the "stay out of my kitchen" type, so neither my mother nor I have any insight on the matter, in fact I learned how to make the boiled dinner from my father's non Irish side of the family. My uncle married a Welsh woman and she taught me. I don't put turnips in it like she did, though. Yuck! So... this year I have decided to make baked turkey ham with roasted carrots, and potato pancakes (boxty). One year for a senior high school history extra credit I made scones with my grandmother's recipe and they had the exact texture and taste as when she made them, yay me, so I am going to try again. I no longer have her recipe, so I am trying this pin...

I know my grandmother's recipe called for buttermilk, and this one doesn't, so I think I'll use it in place of the cream in this recipe.

I hate Bailey's Irish Cream and I don't drink beer, so I might buy a small bottle of Irish whiskey to celebrate. Any mixed drink ideas out there?

*If you decide to try any of the tricks and/or recipes in my Pinterest posts, take a photo and I will share your results on my next That's Pinteresting!

What have you cooked, crafted, or pinned lately? Are you doing anything special for St. Patrick's Day?

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