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And before I forget... my Library Lion has been named, Lerner! 


Give Me That Feeling
It's sometimes something I can't quite put my finger on, or a unique combination of elements. Of course being able to closely relate with a character or characters, and elements in the story are going to help it wedge its way into my story loving heart. A prime example of this is the Harry Potter series.
We bought Sorcerer's Stone for my son the Christmas he was seven, and at night I would read one chapter to my son and he would read one to me. My son always liked to hang out and fall asleep in our room and then his father would carry him to his own bed later, so we were reading in the master bedroom which was right off the kitchen in our small cottage house. My ex was making a snack and he heard us reading and poked his head in to ask what book we were reading. Now, this is coming from someone who was, as many metalhead guys are, a diehard Horror fan, ha ha. He promptly informed us that he was going to take the book with him to work the next day and catch-up to where we were so he could join our bedtime reading ritual. He called the books, "book crack", ha ha. I think the pull of the Potter stories lies in a combination of things.

Let the Characters Drive
Many of my friends seemed shocked when I used to reveal that I watched some reality shows. They always said that I didn't "seem the type". I think my interest in shows like The Osbournes, Wife Swap, Hell's Kitchen, Survivor, and Amazing Race was based on wanting to know what made people tick and the group dynamics that formed around the different personalities; the psychology of it all.  I feel that my love of character driven storylines is rooted in the same place.
And this is the mother of all character driven novels, and my favorite genre to boot! It is exciting when you find a new book that you want to add to your lifetime top ten when you haven't done that in ages. I rolled around in this book like a cat in catnip.

Make Me Chuckle
I love a bit of wry humor in my books; whether it be SciFi, Fantasy, or a memoir; and in my eyes Terry Pratchett holds the crown for this with his Discworld series.

Let It Be Science Fiction
You wouldn't know it from my blog, but SciFi is my favorite genre, not Fantasy. Heh heh. I was already a rabid fan of SciFi movies because my father used to take me to Saturday matinees at the theater and let me stay up late on the weekends to watch all the Science Fiction films on television, many of them B movies which were sometimes the best ones; so when my fourth grade teacher started reading A Wrinkle in Time to the class I was an easy win. A Wrinkle in Time was my gateway drug.

I Want to See the World
Intricate world-building will lure me in anytime. I love to see how histories develope, and discover the strange physics of new worlds. The more detailed the better for me. The Dune series has the histories and royal lines of multiple planets to deal with, and all the science that goes into the the water conservation and terraforming of Arakis, Planet Dune; which is fascinating to me.

Teach Me
Not all learning happens at school. Exposure to different cultures, governments, and socio-economic groups is important for gaining insight in life; whether it be from travel, or from the pages of both Fiction and Nonfiction books. I am sure I experienced some of this exposure learning from books before reading To Kill a Mockingbird, but I think it was the first time I realized, as a teenager, that a story had wizened and enriched me.
What makes you love a book?

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